“Minority Report” Style Computers Running Surveillance to Predict Crime

Did you see the movie “Minority Report,” wherein the government had a “pre-crime” division that took down people before they committed crimes?

Ready for a real-life version? How about cities with total surveillance camera coverage, and computers “analyzing behavior” so they can point police to potential lawbreakers.

Consider this story: “Introducing AISight: The slightly scary CCTV network completely run by A.I.

Imagine a major city completely covered by a video surveillance system designed to monitor the every move of its citizens. Now imagine that the system is run by a fast-learning machine intelligence, that’s designed to spot crimes before they even happen. No, this isn’t the dystopian dream of a cyber-punk science fiction author, or the writers of TV show “Person of Interest”. This is Boston, on the US East Coast, and it could soon be many more cities around the world.

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombings in April of last year, as law enforcement and the world’s media struggled to make sense of the tragedy, the Boston Police Department contacted a company well-known for developing innovative and cutting-edge surveillance technology based on advanced artificial intelligence.

Behavioral Recognition Systems, Inc. (BRS Labs) is a software development company based out of a nondescript office block in Houston Texas, with the motto: “New World. New security.”

Headed by former Secret Service special agent John Frazzini, the company brings a crack team of security gurus to bear on its ambitious artificial intelligence projects. With the heavy traffic of Houston’s West Loop South Freeway churning out fumes and noise just outside, BRS Labs has developed one of the most advanced, and perhaps most sinister, surveillance platforms known to man.

Concerned about TSA nonsense, and “stop and frisk” policing, where people are singled out for harassment and unwanted physical contact by law enforcement? Just wait till you see what happens when this system is in place!

Those who want “total safety” will never get it. But those who pursue such fantasies will experience total loss of privacy and freedom.