Miss America: The Hindu Shouldn’t Have Won, Nor The Conservative

The annual Miss America Pageant has drawn to a close and the winner crowned, and, as usual, conservatives and liberals are divided over the respective merits of the winner and the losers.

Conservatives rallied around Theresa Vail, also known as Miss Kansas, in support of her bid for the useless title of Miss America, and for predictable reasons: she loves God, loves her country, and loves guns. Nevermind that underneath all her makeup she looks ten years older than she actually is and is only pretty with that makeup.

Liberals, on the other hand, rallied around anybody not white. As in past years, the Miss America Pageant brought out the stupidity in everybody.

The New York Post, which tends to be one of the few selections available to conservatives for newspaper reading, contributed to the stupidity by describing as “racist” some people decrying the pageant’s winner, Nina Davuluri, a Hindu (or what the Post and everybody else incorrectly calls an Indian-American).

The Post points to several anti-Davuluri tweets to back up their claim of racism:

“Well they just picked a Muslim for Miss America. That must’ve made Obama happy. Maybe he had a vote,” wrote user EJRBuckeye. This tweet is not racist, just ignorant. Davuluri is not a Muslim name, nor is Miss Davuluri a Muslim.

“This is Miss America…Not Miss Foreign Country,” wrote user meredithRoanell, and, echoing her, user kathrynRyan50 wrote, “She’s like not even american [sic] and she won miss america [sic].” Again, there is nothing about race in these tweets, so they can’t be racist. Nationalistic, perhaps, but that’d only be appropriate for something with “America” in the title.

As the Post describes Davuluri, “The Syracuse-area resident, 24, competed on a theme of ‘Celebrating Diversity through Cultural Competency.’ And her high-energy dance—a combination of classical Indian steps and Bollywood dramatics—wowed the judges in Atlantic City Sunday night.”

This is what should have ended her run. “Diversity” means no white people, or at least disproportionate over-representation of other races in America. And America was founded by Europeans, not Indians. Why did Davuluri bring Indian culture to the mix? That stuff doesn’t belong here.

“The sad thing is,” wrote Twitter user alywalansky, “Miss Kansas didn’t make it because America isn’t ready to crown someone who represents AMERICA.” First of all, shouting the word “America” doesn’t make your point any more valid, nor does it make it make others want to agree with you. Yes, it’s certainly possible, maybe even probable, that Theresa Vail (Miss Kansas) specifically was not chosen because she has a Christianity-related tattoo and likes to go hunting. But I weep for us if those attributes are accurate representations of America. She, like all of these women, are obsessed with their looks. As such, she’s a ditz in my book, as are the others. As a conservative, I’m glad a conservative didn’t win the pageant. My next hope is for conservatives to stop entering these stupid contests.