Missouri Proposes Law Requiring Students’ Parents To Inform Schools About Their Guns

Generally, conservatives understand that taking people’s rights away is not protecting them. Liberals however equate complete control with safety. If they can just know everything about everyone of us, where we live, how we raise our kids, what foods we eat, etc., they’d be able to keep us and everyone else safe.

A Missouri state senator has proposed a bill that would require parents to inform their children’s schools as to whether or not they own guns, and if so, where they are stored. Maria Chapelle-Nadal, a Democrat, thinks these parents should be held accountable if their firearms are not stored “properly.”

What is “proper storage?” Does that mean guns have to be completely disassembled and stored in a locked safe far from where the ammo is stored? Are they going to have to hire inspectors to come and search those homes whose owners have registered their guns with the school district? If the inspector sees something suspicious like a Bible, the Constitution or an American history book, will he have to say something to a mental health professional about possible mental illness?

Who knows? The bill isn’t law yet, but this is always the direction that the government goes. It wants complete control. If their goal is citizen disarmament, they’ll use anything to achieve that end. Federal legislation, police, military or now, schools.

Registering weapons with the school and even telling them how and where they are stored will not prevent a Newtown-style massacre. Going out on a limb and assuming for the sake of argument that the media narrative is correct regarding Newtown, Mrs. Lanza could have easily “registered” her guns with Newtown Elementary when Adam was allegedly a student there. She could have told them where and how they were stored in her house. But that wouldn’t have stopped someone or Adam himself from getting them and bringing them to the school.

Not everybody is on board with this bill. Not even some school principals in the area according to a local CBS affiliate:

 “One St. Louis-area principal isn’t too thrilled about the idea. He says it may help police more than the school district. He also says the school could blame a parent for guns in their houses that they don’t even know about, with guns sneaked into the home by their kids.”

 Liberals want complete control over people. They’ll sell it any way they can, but “safety” seems to be the preferred selling point.