MO Gov Vetoes Abortion Waiting Period but His Explanation Makes No Sense

By all rights, my current state should be a solid red state, so why do we have such a liberal governor? According to what I have been told, Democrats run like conservatives and then rule as Liberals in Missouri. Governor Jay Nixon is certainly ruling that way.

Nixon’s most recent spitting in the face of conservative voters was his veto of a bill mandating a 72-hour waiting period for women wanting abortions. Since I recognize that abortion is murder, I’m not happy with it being performed three days later. But, in a country where abortion is legal, I understand trying little regulations in order to hope to save the lives of some babies.

Nixon made headlines characterizing the bill as “extreme and disrespectful.” I think the practice of in utero infant dismemberment might be more accurately characterized in that way—as well as by a few other choice words. What exactly was so extreme and disrespectful?

According to my local rag,

Nixon said the bill’s lack of an exception for victims of rape and incest was a “glaring omission” that was “wholly insensitive to women who find themselves in horrific circumstances.”

Hold on a minute.

As I said, I don’t normally believe in “health regulations” of this kind. The only reason I tolerate them with abortion is because abortion should be simply outlawed. Since the state government probably can’t get away with such a move, the best they can do is throw up obstructions.

That said, this obstruction does have a purpose, to allow a person to make sure she wants to go through with an irreversible homicide procedure. So how are rape or incest victims so hurt above the lot of other pregnant women by a 72-hour-waiting period?

There are a growing number of anti-abortion activists who were conceived by rape and don’t appreciate any special efforts to make it easier to kill them. They all had raped mothers (some incestually) who decided not to have an abortion and are now glad they made that choice. So there is no evidence at all that a rape or incest victim has a less weighty choice to make than any other pregnant women. They both have to be sure that they are not going to regret their action.

By singling them out as being exempt from a waiting period, Nixon is effectively announcing that such women are less deserving of a carefully considered choice than other women. They don’t need time to decide because we have already decided that they need to have an abortion. He is making up their minds for them.

I think Nixon’s views are “extreme and disrespectful” toward the victims of sexual assault.