Why Modern Men Are Intolerant Tyrants

People claim to be gods and become intolerant tyrants–the opposite of the true god!

In politics, the question of authority is inescapable. Every political system is rooted in some definition of where ultimate authority resides. The American experiment was founded upon “the laws of nature, and nature’s God”—i.e., the accepted Biblical worldview of Western society which submitted to a Divine Sovereign outside the realm of this creation, and Whose authority extends to all He has made.

begin tolerance

Now people are extending their own authority. Here is one example from the Conjugality blog: “Who’s the bigot now?

Increasingly it seems that the touchstone of success for supporters of same-sex marriage is shifting from accommodation and acceptance to unconditional surrender. Disagreement and criticism will not be tolerated.

In a recent speech in Washington DC Robert P. George, a professor at Princeton University in the US and vice chairman of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom explained why.

“The whole argument was and is that the idea of marriage as the union of husband and wife lacks a rational basis and amounts to nothing more than ‘bigotry.’ Therefore, no reasonable person of goodwill can dissent from the liberal position on sex and marriage, any more than a reasonable person of goodwill could support racial segregation and subordination.”

Since they regard the definition of marriage as exclusive to a man and a woman as bonkers, it deserves no more respect than the flat earth theory . In fact, it deserves less, as it actually “harms” people who are denied the “right” to marry.

In fact, the irrational ones are the supporters of same-sex marriage. It is intellectual blindness to dump into the rubbish bin of history the countless arguments, drawn from law, tradition, psychology and sociology which buttress conjugal marriage.

Today, the Christian time-tested views are being jettisoned in favor of beliefs which unconsciously borrow from a Christian philosophical framework, but then quietly replace the one true God with the “leaders” of the day. Intoxicated with a false view of human evolution, these budding tyrants see themselves as the pinnacle of mankind—gods of this age—by mere virtue of being the most powerful men at this “advanced” moment in time.

History has seen this story many times. The end is bloodshed and oppression on a wide scale. Those who will not be ruled by the Creator will be lorded over by men. Unfortunately, whereas the nature, character, and Law of God stand firm and unchangeable—allowing you to know where you stand with Him—the whims of man change with the seasons, and those on “top” today inevitably find themselves crushed under the wheels of “progress” tomorrow.

God Himself graciously provides the way of escape from His wrath.

Men consistently offer no such pathway till their bloodlust is satisfied.