Money-laundering Machine Tries to Cover for Hillary Clinton

How do you keep your candidate loyal and reward him or her for good behavior? The very wealthy typically support colleges and universities. Thus, I have written before on how Ben Bernake’s lucrative speaking gigs are a way that our ruling class awards him for a job well done. I am sure Janet Yellen has noticed that and is planning accordingly.

It seems that, with Hillary Clinton, people are catching on. Our rulers are pushing back.

Thus, from the Daily Signal: “University at Buffalo Refuses to Reveal Hillary’s Speaking Fee.”

The University at Buffalo is refusing to disclose how much they paid Hillary Clinton to speak last year. In a statement to a local news station, the University said:

“Agreements with speakers…are maintained by the University at Buffalo Foundation, a private, non-profit organization. Those agreements, including information about speaking fees, are not public information.”

A reporter’s attempts to contact the Foundation produced no further information, except that the Foundation could well afford Hillary’s typical $200,000 speaking fee. “What little that’s out there suggests that the UB Foundation could certainly afford it–assets in excess of a half billion dollars. So they could afford $200,000 and a little bit more for a fee if that’s what Hillary Clinton was demanding for that particular speech.”

It is funny that Hillary Clinton can pull down this kind of money and still deny that she is one of the one percent. Of course, she probably has spent so much time gaining support from much wealthier people that she may think of herself as relatively poor.

In the meantime, she gets paid for her services through the lecture circuit. If she succeeds in gaining office, she will have a future to look forward to after her time as President—a future provided by these people  who can pretend her speaking is worth so much.