Your Money Is As Safe With Him As If It Were His Own Money

A man visiting San Diego for a convention was robbed Wednesday night after being lured by a woman.

The tourist, Mike Kuryla, said he went back to his downtown Hard Rock hotel room with a woman he met near the CVS drugstore. When he and the woman arrived to his 10th floor hotel room, another man attacked him with mace and took his money around 11 p.m., according to the victim.

OK, so why would I post this article? First, because a friend in talk radio posted it, but second…

A quick check of the guy’s online information showed he’s an investment banker–who trumpets his skills in “strategic thinking”–so, to me, he’s a poster-child for the kind of person who has driven the entire economy and nation off a cliff.

By the way… it’s obvious he wasn’t paying any attention to his surroundings, because from his Facebook pic, he’s pretty ripped and mean. Yes, this is him.

banker boxer

A cautionary note to everyone: ALWAYS be aware of your surroundings (and don’t take a woman you’re not married to back to your hotel room).

Does he fit the profile of the story about which I posted yesterday? You tell me. And what do you think of his “strategic thinking” skills?