More Lies About ‘Greenhouse Gasses’

Recently, scientists at the CO2 monitoring station at Mona Loa Observatory in Hawaii announced that CO2 levels in the earth’s atmosphere have reached 400 parts per million. Pieter Tans of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration estimates that CO2 levels haven’t been this high in 2 million years.

On the surface, it seems we should all be concerned with this high level reading rush to do whatever we can to bring the level down, based on their assumption that CO2 is the main greenhouse gas responsible for causing global warming/climate change.

However, nothing could be further from the truth, both from the aspect of the high reading of CO2 as well as the assumption that CO2 is the main gas which causes a greenhouse effect in our atmosphere.

As with all other fantastic claims made by the global warming/climate change crowd, the latest claim of CO2 levels being the highest ever recorded in modern times, simply falls apart when actual facts are examined.

First of all, the high level reading of 400 PPM are incorrect in the sense that it’s supposed to represent the levels in the entire atmosphere of the earth. This is because of the location of the CO2 monitoring station itself, being at Mona Loa Observatory. The observatory itself sits essentially on the rim of Mona Loi Volcano, which is an active volcano that erupted in the spring of 1984 and is currently considered active. The main gases released by volcanoes are H2O and CO2. These and other gases are constantly being released, both from the actual crater and from fissures near the crater every day. So what we have here, are scientists at Mona Loa Observatory, recording drastic rises of atmospheric CO2 but failing to admit why this is. Of course, anyone will record high levels of CO2 when they are looking for it near an active volcano. Thus, the high level reading of CO2 is a false reading.

Interestingly, most CO2 monitoring stations around the world are located on or very near areas that naturally produce CO2 such as volcanoes, fault lines, and near coastal areas where sea mounts are located. So, actual CO2 readings from any of these monitoring stations cannot be trusted as accurate.

Secondly, most scientists at these stations are not climate scientists at all but, are highly educated environmentalists, masquerading as climate scientists. This is true of Pieter Tans of NOAA which isn’t educated in any aspect of meteorology at all, only holding a PhD in experimental physics and a degree in theoretical physics. Since he has no education in any aspect of weather, climate, or overall atmospheric physics, he isn’t qualified to present himself as a climate scientist.

CO2 simply isn’t a greenhouse gas. Most geologists “except those standing to gain financially and in standing from promoting GW/CC” will agree that the driving force behind a greenhouse effect is water vapor above all else. Ice cores show an increase in CO2 levels only after a warming period, not before. Thus, increased levels of CO2 are a result of warming periods, not the other way around.