More Transgender Tyranny in New York Schools

Children who are supposedly transgender must be referred as the sex they wish they are rather than by their real sex.

After reading about what New York State wants for athletes, nothing can really surprise us. Life Site News reports,

Boys or girls who suffer from gender dysphoria must be allowed to use the bathrooms and change rooms of the opposite sex if they wish to do so, according to new guidance from the New York State Department of Education (NYDE).

The document also clarifies that while schools can make “unisex” facilities available to such students, such facilities “should never be forced upon students, nor presented as the only option.” Furthermore, schools should generally accept any student’s stated preferred gender without question.

The advice is just one of the more controversial sections of the document, which also urges schools and teachers to call students entering kindergarten by their preferred gender, no matter their biological sex.

“It is recommended that schools accept a student’s assertion of his/her/their own gender identity,” states the document, giving the example of a pre-school child just entering kindergarten. “A student who says she is a girl and wishes to be regarded that way throughout the school day should be respected and treated like any other girl.”

The guidance also attempts to guide educators through the maze of counter-intuitive language that has been created by transgender activists, defining words and phrases like “cisgender,” “gender non-conforming,” and “gender variant,” while providing advice on how to navigate the thorny question of pronouns.

Dictating language is the ultimate tool of oppression. You not only demand conformity in behavior but you obstruct any clear thinking on the issue by demanding which words can be used.

In this case, the actual law used to justify all this perversion doesn’t even say anything about it. Title IX, passed in 1972, was about eliminating discrimination based on sex. It said nothing about transgenderism. The Obama Administration has simply added the entire category on their own authority (all of which is illegal, since they are not the legislature).

The President has once again made himself a lawmaker, and the education establishment is pretending he has the power to do so.