The Moronic Superstition of Government Compassion

We have created government welfare state, on the grounds that this is identical to government compassion.

I have argued that it is the opposite. We have set up a perverse system that spreads poverty so that, what starts as a relatively small social problem of some who are in need, becomes a massive tidal wave of spreading poverty until the system can no longer support so many people and collapses. I have already posted a great picture that illustrates the nature of what is happening.

government by emergency

One major component of the welfare state is the so-called “social security” system. Technically it is not exactly the same as welfare because, within an artificial insurance scheme, you are supposed to “earn” your benefits.

Of course, this system is one hundred percent fraudulent because the money, rather than being saved, is “invested in treasuries.” Treasuries are loans to the U.S. government in the hope of a payment. So the money that is supposed to be paid out to people when they are old is actually spent immediately. There is nothing actually saved for people when they retire. The entire system only works as long as the government can cover its liabilities from current taxes.

But apart from all that, the social security system, even if it is not technically supposed to be “welfare,” is considered an element of government compassion.

A bureaucracy that is compassionate? Really?

Just how compassionate is our government? More to the point, what can we expect from our ruling bureaucrats when people get squeezed by the inevitable economic crisis?

We have a case study and it shows a dim future.

Back in 1994, the government declared Donald Miller Jr. to be legally dead. There was no body. No signs of foul play. Miller was an alcoholic who simply disappeared in 1980s. He was declared dead because no one could find him.

So the family began receiving the benefits that Social Security says are owed to widows and orphans.

Nothing was ever said to this family about any potential future liability. They had no idea what happened to Miller.

But now that Miller turned up alive, the Social Security Administration is demanding back the $47,000 it gave to the family over the years with interest!

I suspect they will back down from these claims. But this little event is worth some contemplation: government compassion? That’s a real thing?

The first instinct of these people, whenever there is an opportunity, is to bleed dry the very people they exist to help.

When the financial system crashes, if you think these people are going to try to make life as easy as possible for everyone, I think you will be sorely disappointed. All the evidence shows they will expect you to open a vein so they can feed.