A Mother Bereaved by Illegal Immigration Writes a Letter to Barack Obama

One of the major problems with turning a blind eye toward illegal immigration is that, by looking away, you miss an opportunity to prevent crimes against American citizens. Instead, you inflict criminals on the populace who shouldn’t be here.

One such victim has written President Obama a letter.


According to KPHO in Arizona,

The mother of a fallen Mesa police sergeant is writing President Barack Obama in hopes of changing immigration laws in the U.S.

Police said Mary Ann Mendoza’s son, Sgt. Brandon Mendoza, was hit head-on by a driver who had been living in the country illegally for two decades.

Officials said for much of that time Raul Silva-Corona was wanted for charges including burglary, assault and leaving the scene of an accident. When he was finally captured in 2002, he took a plea deal and was allowed to stay in the United States. That’s something Mendoza believes needs to change.

“There are just a lot of issues that have welled up inside of me and are festering now that I’ve had time to think clearly,” said Mary Ann Mendoza.

At the forefront of her concerns are the president’s policies on immigration.

“The people who are coming here looking for jobs and who are wanting to make a difference in their life, I support them. I mean that’s what this country is made of. But when you start breaking the law there is no reason for those people to be here,” said Mary Ann Mendoza.

Another issue Mendoza wants addressed has to do with driving.

“I don’t think anyone who doesn’t have a social security number and is here illegally who cannot obtain a driver’s license should be allowed to register a vehicle anywhere in the United States and be able to drive it,” said Mendoza.

This is what happens when people ignore the law for propaganda purposes. The campaign for amnesty demands that we think of all immigrants as the victim of immigration laws. If the government starts devoting too much time to dealing with criminal immigrants, then it has to worry that its message will get lost. It is better to pretend that all immigrants are upright and refuse to acknowledge the criminals among them. Essentially, they don’t get prosecuted and they don’t get deported.

In her letter, Mendoza wrote,

If you commit crimes, you should pay the time any of us as US Citizens would have to serve. Letting these illegal criminals out of our jails before their time is served and turning them loose on the streets to commit further crimes and KILL our loved ones is NOT ACCEPTABLE TO ME!! AND it shouldn’t be acceptable to any US Citizen.

No, it shouldn’t be.