Mother Jones Gives Us Good Reason To Ditch Public School & Embrace 2nd Amendment

Mother Jones is a left wing magazine (duh) and so, being a right-wing Christian writing on a right wing blog, I confess I am tempted to feel somewhat guilty for linking them. In this case I’m going to use Matt Drudge as to back up my “authentic conservative” street cred because he linked the same article.

How Every Part of American Life Became a Police Matter is a really valuable piece. Let me share a lesson conservatives can learn from it.

Homeschooling isn’t just about educating children; it is about keeping them out of jail. I don’t judge parents for their decisions regarding education. But the Mother Jones article is on target that there is a “school-to-prison pipeline” growing in our country.

It starts in our schools, where discipline is increasingly outsourced to police personnel. What not long ago would have been seen as normal childhood misbehavior—doodling on a desk, farting in class, a kindergartener’s tantrum—can leave a kid in handcuffs, removed from school, or even booked at the local precinct. Such “criminals” can be as young as seven-year-old Wilson Reyes, a New Yorker who was handcuffed and interrogated under suspicion of stealing five dollars from a classmate. (Turned out he didn’t do it.)

Though it’s a national phenomenon, Mississippi currently leads the way in turning school behavior into a police issue. The Hospitality State has imposed felony charges on schoolchildren for “crimes” like throwing peanuts on a bus. Wearing the wrong color belt to school got one child handcuffed to a railing for several hours. All of this goes under the rubric of “zero-tolerance” discipline, which turns out to be just another form of violence legally imported into schools.

The good news here, for those who want to see home-schooling increase, is that more parents are going to start recalibrating their risk estimates and pulling their kids out of pre-prison. But this also means that every attempt to regulate or slow homeschooling is a much more dangerous move than it was before. They are herding our kids into monitored entryways into the court system.

There is a great deal more in the article, some of which conservatives might not view the same way as the author does. But it is still all good information to consider. One thing I hadn’t thought about is how the prison system is used as a conduit for child protective services since officials get to monitor all family communication. Yes, sometimes they intervene in a really bad situation. But those accidents don’t justify CPS nor change the fact that they often make it worse. Considering thousands are serving life time imprisonments with no parole, we have cascading policing offenses where the taxpayer is burdened with housing, feeding, and guarding people who were never a threat to anyone in society and we are also on the hook for an army of social workers reaping the children of those prisoners.

Of course, if this is true of the prison system it is also true of the public schools.

One conclusion that Mother Jones will never admit to is that all attacks on the second amendment, no matter how slight (and most are brazen), are more dangerous than ever to American society. It is no coincidence that public schools are becoming centers of insane paranoia and punishments regarding guns. The gateway to the police state is naturally the gateway to gun control.