Mother Shackled because Son Didn’t Have Doctor’s Note

A sick son on the honor role who missed “too many” days of school gets a mother shackled by police.

Our schools are beachheads for the state to launch totalitarian invasions. When you see a mother shackled, you are witnessing the state claim that this person is a dangerous criminal. No “rhetoric” about “procedure” can change or soften that fact.

Giles is facing charges because her son missed more days of school than the school “allows.” According to her, the uneducated delinquent is on the honor roll.

Obviously, the community needed police resources used to protect them from this dangerous mother.

According to EAGNews:

Giles commented on Twitter that an arrest warrant was issued Thursday, and she turned herself in. She now faces a new court date, despite her son’s stellar grades – four As and four Bs – and his recent status as Student of the Month.

She wrote about the experience on her Facebook page.

“I am home. I was actually placed in ankle shackles!! I was told that doing so is procedure,” Giles posted. “I was respectful and followed directions. Sheriff Mike Kile allowed me to leave after being booked and photographed without having to call a bondsman. I will call tomorrow to get my court date. Thanks for the support!!”

After a little research, Giles realized that neighboring school districts implement several interventions and communications with parents about student absences before resorting to handcuffs, and she launched a GoFundMepage to help fight back against the system.

Giles wrote that she wasn’t informed about her son’s absence problem until days before her arrest warrant was issued.

This isn’t the first time we have written about the police state grabbing parents over child truancy. One mother ended up dying in custody while serving jail time because she couldn’t afford to pay the fines.

With that in mind, this response from the school is simply infuriating:

WTOC television station contacted Screven County School Superintendent William Bland, who didn’t seem overly concerned about Giles’ plight.

He told the news site that several other parents have been jailed this school year, and officials are simply following the law.

“It’s important for these children to be in school and I think the courts recognize that,” Bland told WTOC.

What is amazing about this story is that Giles is a substitute teacher herself and she is a loyal public education participant. If this is how the school will treat such a person with an honor roll son, imagine what they will do to homeschoolers!

Giles has put her home on the market. She is effectively trying to flee political persecution from a school district.