Mother Threatened with Forced C-Section

A forced C-section? After learning that hospitals will grab children, or even try to grab an elderly man as well as his wife from home, I guess this shouldn’t surprise us. reports on Jane Goodal:

A hospital in Florida is violating a woman’s right to make sound medical decisions regarding herself and her unborn child after trying to force her to have a C-section she did not want to have or risk being reported to Child Protective Services.


Goodall was denied a temporary restraining order against the hospital by a federal court, saying Goodall had no “right to compel a physician or medical facility to perform a medical procedure in the manner she wishes against their best medical judgment.” Keep in mind the C-section is not medically necessary.

Goodall’s first three children were all delivered by C-section, and she has opted for a VBAC, or a vaginal birth after cesarean for her fourth. VBACs carry some risk, however 90% of women who have had C-sections are viable candidates and roughly 60-80% can successfully give birth vaginally. The pain and recovery for VBACs is on average easier to deal with than that of a C-section, despite increasing pressure for pregnant women to undergo one.

But it looks like Bayfront Health Port Charlotte is merely concerned with malpractice liability. In a statement, Goodall acknowledged that she would “definitely consent” to surgery if it became necessary at any point during labor.

It seems ironic to me that we had to go all the way to the Supreme Court to affirm that an employer didn’t have to pay for an abortifacient drug but it is OK for doctors to threaten their patients with forcible surgical extraction. Talk about a war on women!

My wife has had two VBACs and found supportive doctors in every case. So why did this woman choose such asinine “health care professionals”?

Here’s a lovely hypothesis. Suppose that she had to go there because her new Obamacare insurance plan didn’t allow her any other options. As Obamacare restricts consumer choices are we going to find that more unreasonable, petty, vindictive, bullying doctors have a larger captive audience?

Finally, you have to appreciate the irony that a country where it is legal for the mother to kill the baby it is also legal to force her to go through a C-section to avoid risk to the baby.