Mothers and Daughters on the Frontlines of War

On the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade that has resulted in the deaths of more than 60 million preborn babies in the United States, our government has approved women for combat.

“Women in all branches of the military soon will have unprecedented opportunities to serve on the front lines of the nation’s wars.”

We’re living in an upside down world. A more accurate reporting of the new directive would be, “Women in all branches of the military soon will have unprecedented opportunities to die on the front lines of the nation’s wars just like men.”

It’s bad enough that we are sending men to fight in unnecessary, unconstitutional, and immoral wars. Now we have to level the playing field so women can be eulogized with their distraught husbands, children, and parents looking on.

One of things that helped to bring the Vietnam War to an end was the daily news reports of young men coming home in body bags. What’s going to happen when woman are savagely raped, maimed, and returned to their loved ones with the life snuffed out of them?

Then there are the obvious sexual differences between men and women that will have to be addressed. It’s not my area of expertise. So far, I haven’t seen it addressed. It most likely won’t be given our politically correct way of dealing with differences.

I would like to see a woman rescue me after I was shot. With gear, I’d probably weigh around 230 pounds. I could carry a 230-pound man. Very few women could.

What will happen if there’s a draft? There will be lawsuits that demand that women – mothers and daughters – should be drafted to make things “equal.”

Do you remember Jessica Lynch?:

On March 23, 2003, Private First Class Lynch was serving as a unit supply specialist with the 507th Maintenance Company when her convoy was ambushed by Iraqi forces during the Battle of Nasiriyah. Lynch was seriously injured and captured. Her subsequent recovery by U.S. Special Operations Forces on April 1, 2003 received considerable media coverage and was the first successful rescue of an American prisoner of war since Vietnam and the first ever of a woman.

The media tried to turn her into a combat hero. She made it clear that she wasn’t. She never fired her weapon. Her M16 rifle jammed. She had been knocked unconscious when her vehicle crashed.

Her combat “experience” and subsequent rescue was being used by the media to show that women are tough enough for combat. After her testimony on the facts, she retired to the private life. “Lynch faulted the U.S. government for creating the story as part of the Pentagon’s propaganda effort.”

Inch by inch liberals work their worldview into every fabric of life. Equality for women has meant equality to kill their pre-born babies. Since men can’t get pregnant, women must have comparable equality. Abortion on demand satisfies it.

Now women have the right to die like men.