MSNBC: GOP More Concerned With Rapists’ Rights Than Parents’ Rights

First of all, since when does MSNBC care about parents’ rights at all? I thought we need to “break through our private idea that kids belong to their parents or kids belong to their families,” as Melissa Harris-Perry said. Our kids belong to the community, the collective. In truth, kids are a gift from God, and with these gifts comes great responsibility. God has charged parents with the duty to raise them and teach them. But in the eyes of liberals at MSNBC, the State owns our kids.

So what do they care about “parents’ rights?”

Second of all, liberals are the ones that prefer “rehabilitation” for rapists and murderers to prison time or the more effective and just death sentence. They’re the ones that prefer to give rapists and murderers 2nd and 3rd chances and have their relatively short jail times which include food, shelter, clothing, health care and entertainment financed in part by the victims’ families. They’re the reason there are so many rapists and murderers on the street committing more of their crimes.

So, who are the ones that are more concerned with rapists’ “rights” than parents’ rights?

Joe Scarborough was lamenting that there were so many senators who were going to filibuster any gun control legislation, which means that once again these “gun nuts” just don’t care about the Sandy Hook children. They care more about rapists’ rights:

“I can’t believe that Republicans, first of all, aren’t going to support it but, secondly won’t let background checks against rapists, people who have committed manslaughter in the past, people with mental illness, dangerous mental illness — I can’t believe those Republicans are going to allow the entire Republican Party to be the party that basically put rapists’ rights over parents’ rights to keep their kids safe when they go to school.”

 Joe Scarborough and his friends at MSNBC should have Larry Pratt on their show. He’s the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, and they have always opposed background checks for gun purchases.

Here’s his response to a couple of gun-grabbing cheerleaders on C-SPAN on the issue of background checks and whether there should be any restrictions at all on who should or should not be allowed to purchase a gun:

 “The people that shouldn’t be carrying guns are the ones that should be in jail. And if we’ve let somebody out on the streets, let’s get real, if they want to commit a crime, they will get a gun. That’s what happens now. That’s what criminals have always done is break the law. So if we think somebody is dangerous, and we’ve proven it in a court of law, put him in jail.”

 That seems like a common sense solution to me. Just enforce current laws and make sure violent criminals aren’t let back on the streets ever again.