Multi-Millionaire Dem Claims “Income Inequality” Is Now “Existential Threat” To U.S.

Rep. Rosa DeLauro (D-Conn.) was worth, by her own disclosure, between five and twenty-five million dollars in 2012. I doubt that has changed much. In fact, Celebrity Networth, calculated in 2013 that her net worth was twenty million dollars.

So keep this in mind when you read her pontifications on the floor of Congress. CNS News reports:

On the House floor last Wednesday DeLauro said, “Every generation of leaders in this institution has faced their own time of testing. Whether it’s an economic panic, Great Depression, slavery, Jim Crow, Civil War, World War, Cold War. There are times when our country is confronted with a crisis that poses an existential threat to our nation and our way of life and Congress needs to stand up and act.”

“The test of our time is inequality,” DeLauro continued.  “It’s not too much to say that inequality threatens the continued existence of the middle class in America and even the American Dream itself.”

“The question before us now is: are we going to continue to be the land of opportunity, social mobility and the nation that forged the largest middle class in human history during the 20th century, or are we going to become a nation of very few haves and millions of have-nots?”

It is true. Not every American can afford to vacation in Italy while Hurricane Irene hits their state.

So how is Congress going to change that? Is DeLauro going to make me a multi-millionaire like she is? You know the answer to that. Is she going to give up her millions, her ability to fly to Italy when a storm comes through her neighborhood?

(In her speech, DeLauro implies that her family was originally middle class. That may be simply another convenient autobiography, but if it is true, it means DeLauro made her millions “serving” in politics. I would love to see an investigation as to how all that wealth accrual took place, but I don’t expect there will ever be one.)

So if DeLauro isn’t actually going to make people equal in wealth, then why does she pretend she thinks congress should “act” on income inequality? The answer is that she is just spewing a bunch of grandiose  verbiage to glorify a few paltry bribes. Maybe you agree that we need more food stamps, but they won’t do a thing to lessen income inequality.

Hearing a multi-millionaire rant about income inequality in order to offer crumbs from her table is, frankly, enraging.

Income inequality is not primarily due to an absence of paltry handouts, not even to “free trade” as DeLauro claims (making Americans buy more expensive goods will hurt, not help, the middle class). Rather, it is due to the degradation of our currency through the Federal Reserve (enriching millionaires at everyone else’s expense), over-taxation, and over-regulation in the economy. The real “one percent” is our political class.

DeLauro herself embodies that fact.