Muslim Brotherhood Being Officially Investigated in U.K.

It wasn’t that long ago that people in Egypt were asking why President Barack Obama seemed so supportive of the ousted Morsi regime with his deep connections to the Muslim Brotherhood. As Dave Jolly wrote:

Amr Adeed, a popular Egyptian commentator is not only asking why the US continues to support the Muslim Brotherhood, but he offers an explanation as well.  He believes that the US wants the Muslim Brotherhood in control in order turn Egypt into another Syria and Afghanistan as centers for Islamic jihadists.  In so doing, then we can point to Egypt in an effort to politically discredit Islam.

Adeed admits that westerners may question his theory, but he backs it up by pointing out that the Muslim Brotherhood regime of Morsi, whom Obama continues to support, had no regard for law or human rights, just like Obama.  They destroyed ancient historic churches, murdered hundreds of Christians and even burned hospitals.  Then the Obama administration turns around and accuses the military regime that toppled Morsi’s government as being an obstruction to democracy.

But now the inconsistencies seem to have become too great for Britain’s Prime minister to overlook. According to the New York Times:

Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain has ordered an inquiry into the activities of the Muslim Brotherhood, one of the most prominent Islamic organizations, to determine in part whether it is using London as a base for planning extremist attacks following the military crackdown in Egypt, officials and news media reports said on Tuesday.

In the past, British governments have moved against small Islamic militant groups, but have tended to cast the Brotherhood in a different, more moderate light, particularly after Mohamed Morsi was elected Egypt’s president in 2012. Mr. Morsi was overthrown last year by the military and Egypt, like Saudi Arabia, has since declared the Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

Saudi Arabia opposes the Muslim Brotherhood as rivals. It is telling that the inquiry will be led by “Sir John Jenkins, Britain’s ambassador to Saudi Arabia.”

It might be interesting to remember how, when Morsi was overthrown the Administration was ready to support him and oppose the new government. But when Ukraine fighters drove their executive out of the country, the Administration treated it as beyond question that we were supposed to support the unelected new leader in Kiev as the legitimate government. The definition of “democracy” seems to be quite flexible, which is convenient for our State Department.

I would suggest that we stop trying to take sides in the affairs of other nations, but I wouldn’t want to be guilty of “isolationism.” No, no! Far better to support terrorists.