Muslim Countries Call for Homosexual Apartheid (Will Liberals Notice?)

Well lookee here what’s about to happen in the Gulf Cooperation Countries! Them wacky Arabs are at it again; pushing the envelope of common decency. We’ve discovered long ago, the Muslim penchant for abusing women; honor killings, marriage to an abuse of young girls, stonings and such.

Now that they have that whole female domination thing worked out, it’s evidently time to tackle the homosexual scourge in the Middle East.

I frankly wasn’t aware that the Middle East is a hotbed of LGBT activity or that the region is a homosexual Mecca?

But just on the off chance it is, the countries of the Gulf Cooperation Countries are said to be developing a test that will determine if one is, has been, or plans on being a homosexual or any other cross gendered category.

Members of the Gulf Cooperation Countries are Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar (home of Al Jazeera), Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

According to the Kuwaiti director of public health, Yousouf Mindkar, “a medical test being developed by Kuwait will be used to detect homosexuals and prevent them from entering the country or any of the Gulf cooperation countries… Members of the LGBT community will be stopped at the border and banned from entering.”

What kind of test could they develop when the best scientific minds worldwide can’t determine a cause?

Maybe it will be something like this: When a man is stopped at the border, a Gulf Cooperation Countries customs agent comes out to meet him. The customs agent, also a male, explains that the potential visitor will have to be frisked and strip-searched. If during the pat down, the visitor giggles and upon conclusion, asks for a cigarette, he is denied entry. Okay, that was tasteless, but you know you laughed.

Anyway, what will be the reaction of the “international community” and particularly this two-faced American regime that always looks the other way when dealing with this region?

I think back to South African apartheid, when pressure was brought to bear on anyone, corporation or government, that did business or invested in that country. Companies, individuals and universities all willingly or were pressured to divest holdings in South Africa.

Being that the LGBT cause is the new chic civil rights issue du jour, if we’re serious, the Gulf Cooperation Countries should be treated as was South Africa.

The United States has free trade agreements with the Gulf Cooperation Countries. Two-way trade tops $100 billion annually and direct US investment is around $24 billion every year.

Will the courageous Barack Hussein Obama stand with the LGBT alliance and cut ties with the Gulf Cooperation Countries? Will homosexuals picket outside Gulf Cooperation Countries embassies, as they did the Russian? Will Bank of America, Citibank, and American Express divest their holdings? Will companies like Verizon, L’Oreal cosmetics, IBM, Xerox and Nabisco threaten to pack up and move unless the Gulf Cooperation Countries stops its apartheid of the homosexual and trans this or that community?

The answer in all counts will be a resounding “No!” Oh, there may be some bluster and a word or two thrown out, but only if the press brings it up. Otherwise it will be “mum’s the word.”

After all, we wouldn’t want to upset the Muslims.