Muslim Men Get Away with Rape because White Privilege

The way Pakistani men were allowed to get away with targeting white girls for sex trafficking proves the myth of White privilege is designed to justify racial injustice.

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Back in August I posted about the scandal in Rotherham, England: “Child Rape Permitted for the Sake of Political Correctness and Ethnic Diversity.”

1,400 children were abused—including many serious rapes, group rapes, and threats (like being doused with gasoline and threatened with a match)—between 1997 and 2013. That’s what a government report alleges as found summarized by the Washington Post. Some were murdered.


[I]n order to not get in trouble with the political overseers and with the general media culture, the people responsible for protecting young girls [the Rotherham council and the police] instead gave cover to the perpetrators because they are an ethnic minority that immigrated to England.

The scandal has continued with the people responsible posturing as self-righteous enemies of racism. Many of them have been amply rewarded as well, as the Daily Mail reports:

Incredibly, despite the scandal, many of those responsible for the shocking failures at the Labour-run council have walked into highly paid roles elsewhere.

The council’s former chief executive Ged Fitzgerald – accused of allowing one report warning of child sex grooming to be suppressed and another ignored – is now earning £199,500 a year as chief executive of Liverpool City Council. Jackie Wilson – who was responsible for safeguarding children in Rotherham during the years when widespread sex grooming crimes were going unpunished – now earns £90,000-a-year as assistant director for children and families in the neighbouring town of Doncaster.

Former deputy council leader Mr Akhtar – described in the report as a ‘powerful figure’ in the town with ‘influence that extended to the police’ – is a former taxi driver with a criminal conviction for his role in a violent brawl.

He came in for sustained criticism in this week’s scathing report by government adviser Louise Casey, which recorded how ‘members, officers and others spoke about him with a level of fear’.

‘Some were concerned when speaking to inspectors that what they said would get back to him,’ it said, even though he was no longer on the council.

He has been connected to numerous aspects of the scandal that led to the council failing to identify and act on the abuse of girls.

His cousin, Arshad Hussain, was named as a ‘boyfriend’ by up to 18 girls who spoke to social workers as part of the Risky Business outreach group, aimed at youngsters who were at risk of being lured into prostitution.

The married father-of-five was accused in a report in The Times last year of helping to arrange a deal where Hussain returned one of his young alleged victims who had gone missing from home to police.

As Paul Joseph Watson of points out, the lesson of this horrific story is that “White Privilege” is a myth designed to rationalize and perpetuate race-based injustice:

These girls were targeted because of their race (White) and the criminals were permitted to get away with it because of theirs (Asian). We have truly come full circle.

In the meantime, feminists would rather talk about made up rape stories than actually champion abused women and girls who really were raped.

If you think this corruption is going to stay on the British side of the Atlantic Ocean, you are deluding yourself. We really can’t be sure whether something of that magnitude has already happened in some U.S. city.