NAACP Wants Civil War Portrait Removed From Government Building

Don’t ever doubt that liberal policies are largely based on feelings. It’s why liberals have so mastered inspirational political campaign ads. It’s also what inhibits their ability to be reasonable. Being reasonable requires rationality, objectivity. Emotions are important in life, but they do hinder rational thought.

One recent example can be found down in Lee County, Florida, where hanging in the commission chambers is a portrait of the County’s namesake, General Robert E. Lee.

Not caring for history and the fact that, you know, Lee was an actual person, the liberals at the Lee County branch of the NAACP are now picketing Lee County. I’m not sure how you picket an entire county, but there it is.

The “picket” is being led by the president of the Lee County NAACP, a man with the all-American name James Muwakkil. His demand is for the Lee County commissioners to remove the portrait from the building. After voting on the matter, however, the commissioners decided to keep it up.

“It’s a symbol of racism and division,” said Muwakkil.

No, it’s a portrait of a man.

“General Lee did not believe blacks should hold any positions in government,” said Muwakkil.

So? Abraham Lincoln thought of blacks as truly lesser than whites and his ideal scenario was to have all blacks deported back to Africa. I doubt he wanted blacks to serve in any positions of government either. But these are opinions. You, Muwakkil, disagree with them. That’s fine, but move on. It’s not as if blacks don’t serve in the government, so what does it matter what Lee’s opinions on the matter were?

Breitbart News reports that Muwakkil is “brainstorming with the state NAACP President ways to move forward, which could include a sit-in at the chambers, picketing and protesting.”

Don’t these people have anything better to do? They’re supposed to be for the “Advancement of Colored People,” not for the denigration of whites or the erasure of history. I mean, I know this Obameconomy is rough, but at least try to find jobs, will you? You would think that the hot sun of Africa would have toughened these people’s skins, but they cry over the smallest perceived slights!

Who knows; maybe Muwakkil and others in the NAACP still have in their blood some of West Africa’s superstitious Voodoo beliefs. Maybe they think that as long as any likenesses exist of Robert E. Lee, Lee’s spirit still lives on and poses a threat to their rights and liberties.

If that is what they believe, why has nobody taken advantage of it and recorded a hilarious hidden-camera prank on them for YouTube? Come on, people, we’re supposed to be capitalists! Capitalize!