Nation-Building Fails to Build a Nation and Tears Down the Nation That Tries It

Until America truly starts educating her people again, we will continue to bleed money in consummately foolish endeavors like Afghanistan. Our leaders are perhaps the most clueless group of pretend smart people in the history of the world, when it comes to grasping the practical implications of a religious worldview.

Consider Diana West’s warning at, “Operation Enduring Handout.”

In short, Afghanistan is on life support, and Joe Citizen is its permanent IV. From your pockets, Uncle Sam has taken $103 billion to build Afghanistan — so far. By the way, that figure doesn’t include the costs of war-making. To put it in context, as Sopko says in the text of his speech, “that is more money than we have spent on reconstruction for any one country in the history of the United States.” That goes for the countries in Europe that American money rebuilt during the Marshall Plan after World War II.

“We are spending more money this year on reconstruction in Afghanistan than we do for the next three countries combined,” Sopko continues, referring to Israel, Egypt and Pakistan. Eighteen billion dollars are currently in the pipeline, he says, and between $6 and $10 billion is “promised annually for years to come.”

We take the “Educated to Imbecility” trophy when we print Quran-based textbooks for their schools (which we have done in more than one nation). We perpetuate the very thing that makes real cultural transformation impossible.

Where’s the ACLU when you need them? We use taxpayer money to print Quranic texts for Afghanistan, but if an American teacher so much as reads a personal copy of the Bible during free time… watch the card-holding minions descend like vultures!

Our business leaders and Afghan warlords are taking the taxpayer to the cleaners in an operation to “spread Democracy” that has less than zero chance of success.

  • News flash: Democracy is a terrible system, which is why America’s founders rejected it.
  • News flash 2: Democracy will never work in a self-consciously and “devout” Islamic nation. Sharia will always trump the attempt.

Congress: Turn off the money spigot. You cannot buy lasting friends in the Islamic world. We are not doing a bit of good for them, or for us. Want to see real transformation? Send missionaries, not soldiers. Yes, many will be killed, but isn’t that what’s happening with our soldiers? At least with missionaries there’s a chance that, over time, the culture will change because Afghani people are transformed, not because of bribes and bullets, which do nothing to influence hearts for good.