National Abortion Federation Shows They Fear Planned Parenthood Sting Videos

The National Abortion Federation tried to get a judge to prohibit Congress from getting all the videos for their investigation.

While many videos have been released by the Center of Medical Progress, there are many more. Congress has subpoenaed all thirty of them for its (rather weak, so far) investigation.

I worry about this because it might be more effective for the CMP to release the videos with more strategic timing.

But Congress has the authority to investigate and the National Abortion Federation is so scared of those unreleased videos that they tried to get a judge to prohibit Congress from getting them!

CNS News reports, “Federal Judge Refuses to Block Release of PP Videos to Congress.”

A federal judge ruled Tuesday that the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) can respond to a congressional subpoena and release all of the undercover video footage it collected during its 30-month undercover investigation of Planned Parenthood without exception.

On Monday, the National Abortion Federation (NAF) asked U.S. District Judge William Orrick to permanently block CMP from turning over video footage recorded at NAF’s annual meetings in 2014 and 2015.

But Orrick, who had previously issued a temporary restraining order blocking release of the videos, ruled that “Congress has the power to investigate… and it is not the Court’s role to determine the legitimacy of the Congressional investigation by looking to the Committee’s motives.” 

On September 15, the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee subpoenaed CMP “for all unedited video footage in their possession relating to the acquisition, preparation, and sale of fetal tissue.”

“This subpoena is a demand for transparency,” committee chairman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) said. “The action of the court will not thwart or impede Congress’ Constitutional duty and right to conduct effective oversight.”

But NAF filed a lawsuit in California, asking the court to block CMP founder David Daleiden from releasing the videos – including “the names and addresses of any NAF members learned at any NAF annual meetings´- to “any third party,” including Congress.

All I can say is that I hope and pray that the National Abortion Federation’s fears are fully justified.