National Crime Wave is the Price of Liberals’ Anti-Police Antics

The Wall Street Journal has dubbed it the “Ferguson Effect.”

Thanks to liberals’ efforts to gin up racial warfare and dub police as racists, the nation’s decades-long decrease in crime is spinning into full reverse.

In Baltimore in May, violent crime was up by 60 percent, according to the Journal, and arrests are down by 50 percent, with 32 shootings over the Memorial Day weekend alone.

Milwaukee reports homicides up 180 percent over the previous year.

In St. Louis, shootings were up 39 percent. In Chicago and Los Angeles, shootings were up by around 25 percent.

Murder was up 32 percent in Atlanta, 13 percent in New York.

Breaking citywide stats into smaller communities shows drastically higher crime increases in historically black communities such as East Harlem and South Central Los Angeles.

It’s those very troubled districts across the country that are supposed to be “helped” by all the protests and other racial nonsense such as the “Black Lives Matter” movement, which has been promoted by liberal government officials from local communities all the way up to the White House and fueled by racial hucksters like Al Sharpton and string-pulling socialists like George Soros.

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Black America has been used since the events of Ferguson, Missouri, to manipulate local law enforcement into pulling back from inner cities and other crime-ridden, largely black, communities in order to create a national crime wave.

The cynic in me thinks this is not just some random stupidity by the Left but an actual plan.

These sorts of conspiracies — yes, conspiracies do exist, media and official denials notwithstanding — always have a goal that is not immediately clear from the events and often may seem to be the opposite of actual results.

That’s because the Left works from Marx’s model of thesis-antithesis-synthesis. Apply that to the events that have grown out of Ferguson.

If the notion that blacks are oppressed and abused by local police is the thesis, then pulling back police from those communities is the antithesis. Obviously, this creates an unsustainable situation as the result is soaring crime. (In the overall picture, you have to figure in the collapse of our southern border and the wave of criminals and possibly terrorists crossing it daily, but let’s just talk about the Ferguson fallout for now.)

The “synthesis” then would be to bring in federal, not local, law enforcement to police our cities. We’ve seen this already as the Department of Justice has begun getting court orders and using other legal maneuvers to take over control of the Ferguson and other local law enforcement agencies around the country.

The critical question is when the big push with full roll out of federal stormtroopers will happen. Homeland Security hasn’t been buying billions of rounds of ammo for nothing, and Obama has wanted a national police force since before he took office.

My sense of it is that the federalizing of our police is not quite ready because the crime wave hasn’t hit its full potential yet. Crime can still soar drastically higher. Plus, a suitable face of the crime wave has yet to appear. Wait until some celebrity is raped and killed, or until some crime is so heinous that it makes its victim a celebrity.

Owing to the racial nature of the pot the White House has been stirring — and don’t doubt this all comes from the White House ultimately — there will be a serious backlash against white Americans. Those liberals who have supported all the black protesters in cities across America will be the first to go. Lower-class whites will be defenseless, the middle-class whites will be scared.

Any ensuing rioting by blacks will no doubt be spurred on by promises of getting their “fair share” and similar socialist lies.

When the violence reaches some critical point, that’s when the federal government will step in with guns, body armor and tanks.

This is speculation, but the pattern is one that’s been seen in communist revolutions around the world: cause chaos, stir up a revolution, then restore order under a dictatorship that, initially at least, is hailed as the hero.

The military’s been practicing exactly that sort of civil control scenario in cities across the country, and there’s a reason for that.

I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that whatever new revolution is being cooked up, it’s going to be racist in the extreme. Soros has been a key figure in the shadows behind the current Administration. I suspect he’s never let go of his past as a Nazi employee, and I strongly suspect he may have become far more involved with the Nazis than has ever been admitted. It’s an open secret that while World War II ended the Third Reich, the Nazi ideology survived, spread around the globe and has thrived in thousands of shell companies and banks.

If a new generation of Nazis come to power openly, it’s going to be bad news for black Americans, who will find themselves no longer useful tools to the string pullers. The next step in Agenda 21 will be population reduction. Again, there’s a reason abortion clinics have been concentrated in non-white neighborhoods.

I honestly hope I’m wrong and none of the above comes to pass, but a lot of things are coming together that seem to point to a coming total destruction of American principles of freedom and individual liberty.

Or maybe, as some will no doubt say, I’m just being paranoid and the future is rosy.

We shall see. Possibly very soon.