National Voters Poll: No Higher Gas Tax!

Here is more evidence that Senate Republicans’ “openness” to a higher gas tax is a betrayal of voters.


As I have written about, Senate Republicans, having been handed a historical victory, are publicly expressing openness to raising taxes. Specifically, they want to raise the gas tax. Our one unexpected gift of prosperity and the politicians we put in office believe we must be punished for it.

And, for the record, voters want nothing to do with it. As the Daily Caller reports, “Poll: Voters Resoundingly Reject Gas Tax Increase.”

A new poll shows that more than two-thirds of American voters oppose any increase in the federal gas tax, even if the proceeds would be spent on infrastructure projects.

The poll was conducted by Freedom Partners, a nonpartisan free-market advocacy organization, and asked respondents to evaluate statements incorporating the primary arguments made by both supporters and opponents of increasing the gas tax.

To establish a baseline against which to evaluate responses, the poll also asked voters to assess the impact that falling gas prices have had on their personal finances, finding that 79 percent reported a positive impact, compared to just 4 percent who reported negative effects.

Currently, certain members of Congress from both parties are advocating for a hike in the 18.4 cents-per-gallon federal gas tax that is used to fund transportation projects, arguing that the recent drop in gas prices will allow the tax to be raised without unduly burdening consumers.

Just to make sure we all understand how completely traitorous it is for Republicans to agree to a tax increase for the sake of the Federal highways, let’s remember that back in March 2014, the Senate actually had a bill to massively reduce the Federal gas tax and allow the states to decide how to take care of the roads. Now that Republicans own the Senate, suddenly that bill is forgotten and we are faced with an impending tax increase!

I really think the Republican Party has a huge advantage for the 2016 election. But they have started so badly, I wonder if they will manage to destroy themselves and lose what should be an easy win.