NBC: Chicago Murder Rate High Because Gun Rights Still Exist Elsewhere

It was on NBC’s Nightly News that correspondent Kevin Tibbes lamented that despite Chicago’s draconian gun control laws that prohibit gun shows inside city limits, it still has high murder rates, and the city is “awash in guns.” Guest and UCLA law professor claimed that it wasn’t the gun control laws’ fault. In fact, quite the contrary:

 “Chicago certainly has strict gun control laws. But the difficulty is that outlying areas outside of Chicago and in other states, neighboring Illinois, don’t have strict gun control laws, and the guns easily flow into Chicago because of that.”

 So, maybe it’s not because of global warming after all. It’s because Chicago’s gun-grabbing laws haven’t been replicated all around. This is why we need a federal gun ban, and since Congress won’t pass any laws, Obama will have to issue executive orders.

But even if we had a federal gun grab, would that mean violence would disappear or even be reduced? Look at some things that are actually illegal in every state. Heroin is illegal everywhere. As is cocaine, LSD and meth. But somehow, these drugs end up in the hands of dealers and the nasal passages of users nationwide, making distributers and dealers lots of money and getting users high. A universal gun ban wouldn’t prevent criminals from getting their hands on them if they really want them.

It’s U.S. policy to arm terrorist organizations in the Middle East and North Africa. Eric Holder oversaw the illegal trafficking of guns to Mexican drug cartels that resulted in hundreds of Mexican deaths and the death of one ICE agent. And that’s not a conspiracy theory. It’s U.S. policy.

And look back at the Iran-Contra scandal in the mid-80’s where we sold arms to Iran to secure the release of American hostages. The proceeds of those sales went to fund a militant group called the Contras in Nicaragua who were trying to overthrow their government.

It got worse. The CIA helped to funnel money to the Contras by trafficking tons and tons of crack cocaine to the U.S. and distributing it in Los Angeles. And where did all that crack cocaine end up? In the hands of drug dealers and users. I’m sure that also led to thousands of arrests for drug possession because possession of crack cocaine is illegal. But it was provided by our own CIA. It doesn’t matter because they needed that drug money to facilitate the Contras. Oliver North stated that about $14 million was funneled to the Contras thanks to drug sales.

Just because something becomes illegal on a national level doesn’t mean that criminals will no longer to be able to get their hands on it. If Obama actually issued an executive order banning all guns across the board, it would be easy for a criminal bent on mass murder to find some crooked cop or government agent to help smuggle guns into the hands of other criminals as long as the money was right. It would be another underground operation like drugs are now. And they wouldn’t end up in the hands of law-abiding citizens.