NBC chooses breasts over moment of silence

If it wasn’t for making bad decisions, it appears that NBC is incapable of making any. Its most recent bad decision was to ignore the official “moment of silence” for 9/11 victims and families yesterday, choosing instead to air an interview with Kardashian mama, Kris Jenner, about the salient and pressing issue of her silicone breast implants. Way to go, NBC; America is truly grateful.

This decision, one among many, is yet another indication of how mainstream media is completely out of touch with average Americans. Despite the public backlash against NBC for this obvious error in judgment, NBC still had the audacity to defend its decision, rather than at least making up a plausible excuse. An NBC rep told FOX411: “The Today Show dedicated a considerable amount of time to September 11th coverage this morning throughout the entire show.” In other words, this NBC rep is essentially saying: “So, what’s the big deal? Why is everyone so upset that we aired celebrity non-news over an official moment of American mourning and remembrance? We threw you slobs a bone already by reporting on a bunch of other 9/11-related stuff. Now shut up and let us talk us about Kris Jenner’s breasts.”

Entertainment reporters were mostly unanimous in their unwillingness to embrace the Today Show decision. Scott Huver had this to say:

“Ignoring a significant and solemn American milestone in favor of airing, of all things, a Kardashian interview—right at the moment that Americans are feeling more reflective than ever about their nation and at the same time appear to be souring on the reality TV family’s near-constant bid for ever more attention—is a major shot in the foot. This is a huge blunder that is certain to hurt the show in the short run. The failure to acknowledge the 9/11 silence was troublesome enough, without filling the screen with empty babble from a family that many hold up to be a signifier of questionable taste.”

Huver was not alone in his condemnation of the decision. Social media sites are lighting up with threats of boycotts and “letters to the network” campaigns, as if these would actually have any effect. NBC isn’t apologizing for its decision, so they are obviously not viewing it as an oversight, but as a very deliberate omission on its part. Far from being a “we missed the memo” attempt at repairing the public relation fiasco, NBC is basically telling America to “get over it already.” In their mind 9/11 is only worthy of mention as a historical reminder, not as an observable act of solidarity. NBC is telling Americans that the network gets to decide what is important and newsworthy, not the American people.

This should come as no surprise to readers of this site, though, as it is readily apparent that the mainstream media increasingly has no interest in actual reporting, but in agenda-setting. Anyone who regularly watches The Today Show is so completely misinformed about what is really happening in America that they would have barely noticed the omission by the network. NBC is thumbing its nose at its own viewers, but the only ones who noticed are those who weren’t watching in the first place. Network news will be dead in ten years anyway, hopefully sooner. Enjoy your gray years, NBC; they’re all you have left.