“I Need Feminism Because” It’s A Nice Excuse To Complain, Part 2

I wrote back in July of those trendy “I need feminism because…” signs showing up on social-media sites. So, continuing where I left off, I went to the blog WhoNeedsFeminism and immediately found a handful of other such signs the text of which I’ll copy below, in bold, and follow each with a rebuttal.

1. “I need feminism because when I said I was applying for law at a prestigious university, I was told I would need to ‘fight like a boy.'” Women have estrogen, men have testosterone. Testosterone is what makes men naturally more aggressive. When you’re talking about fighting, you need to be aggressive. Ergo, “Fight like a man,” or, “Fight like an aggressive person.”

2. “I need feminism because I’m sick of hearing, ‘Oh she doesn’t know anything about sports, she’s just a girl.'” Most women don’t like sports, so why is it so unreasonable to assume that they don’t know anything about sports? What’s wrong with educated guesses? I don’t like sports; is it offensive to assume I know nothing about them? Chances are, I don’t. (And I don’t.)

3. “I need feminism because growing up, I had 1 badass female role model in film…and George Lucas dressed her in a metal bikini.” This, of course, references the fictional Star Wars film Return of the Jedi, in which Jabba the Hut, a villain, enslaves Princes Leia (literally putting her on a chain acting as a leash, but the feminist finds no complaint there), making her wear a metal bikini. But to complain about a sexist fictional character like Jabba for his fictional sexism is like complaining, “I need to escape Earth because it was under attack by aliens in War of the Worlds.” It never happened, people!

4. “I need feminism because I am tired of having to dance to songs that degrade me every time I go out.” This child-woman is complaining about her own actions, actions over which she is in total control. This gives her the opportunity to feel righteous while still having fun dancing to a song she pretends to feel is degrading. “Gosh, I’m having so much fun dancing to this song, but it probably looks like I enjoy this song. I better blame someone else for my actions and declare that I can’t help it.” Dancing is her own choice. Don’t want to do it? Don’t do it.

That’s how easy it is to refute feminism, folks, or at least this modern-day strain of feminism, which is, in part, as we see in the examples above, a disease of reality denial, silliness, blame-shifting, and avoidance of personal responsibility. Seeing this, it becomes understandable why all “feminists” are liberals.