Negotiating With Terror Is the New Foreign Policy

The Middle East is on fire and terrorists masquerading as diplomats are demanding concessions before they promise to stop the violence. Decades of Islamic aggression against the United States and its ally Israel has reached a fevered pitch and somehow managed to neuter our State Department. The Obama Administration’s obfuscation and incompetence is playing right into the hands of an ideology hell bent on America’s destruction and Israel’s Jerusalem is now on the table.

Suddenly liberals have forgotten about the decades of terror the world has experienced and given a new voice to suicide bombers turned freedom fighters. Absent from the daily reports coming from Southern Israel and the Gaza Strip is the images of the past, when Israeli children and innocent Jewish civilian’s bodies littered the streets, when buses carrying tourists and families burned and synagogues where an easy target for the P.L.O. Long gone and forgotten are the 52 Americans held captive and subjected to 444 days of unspeakable torture at the hands of Iran’s theocracy. These images are no longer relevant when you have an American President intent on making peace with animals devoid of a conscience.

In the last year, the world has seen an explosion of terrorism and Islamist political influence and our government has ignored the violent insurgence now leaching into countries America used to protect. While generations of Israeli’s and freedom craving middle eastern dissidents lay rotting in their crypts the Obama Administration pompously calls for restraint and diplomacy.  Russian-built and Iranian-financed rockets funneling through Syria and Egypt continue to flow to Palestine’s Hamas while the Muslim Brotherhood expands its sphere of political influence and the world blames Israel.

As it was with American social issues, the left wing media is dangerously re-shaping the American view of Israel and terrorism. The pundits are wrapping their arms around our incompetent and dishonest President and blaming the other guy for failing to give up, give in and go away. To CNN and MSNBC, Israel is a greedy nuisance that should be stripped of its land and security to service the liberal god of tolerance. It won’t be long before America turns its back on Islam’s little Satan and Jewish children in Tel Aviv are relegated to accepting death as a neighbor.

Since the election of Barack Obama, terrorism has become politicized and its victims trivialized. I for one would like to hear our brave liberal media and their Nobel Prize winning messiah explain the logic of negotiating with a culture of suicidal martyrs. Guantanamo didn’t give birth to Islamic terrorism; appeasement and negotiation has fertilized its rampant growth. Patience and restraint will never eradicate thousands of years of cultural hatred and praise for its violent brethren’s aggression. Suicide bombers don’t care about peace and fairness; for them it’s a job killing dead end.

America’s naïve, if not purposeful foreign policy objectives are welcoming the enemies of peace to the negotiating table. Four years of wait and see has only emboldened tyranny and intolerant Islamists. Death is a terrorist’s sacrament. Baptizing themselves in the blood of innocents is the key to a radical Muslims spiritual success and world domination is the goal. Negotiating a fair deal is not their objective. Destruction of their ideological enemy is the only desired outcome.

To Americans who wish to turn their backs on Israel for the prize of Islamist forgiveness and the fiction of a terrorist-free world, remember the following: They gave the Noble Peace Prize to Yasser Arafat and even his party can’t control the Islamic desire for Israel’s extinction. The radicals of yesterday have been marginalized and violence is the new Palestinians preferred negotiation tool. What more is the world or the United States for that matter going to have to sacrifice in order to rid the world of maniacs?