New Bill for Allowing Open Trans in the Military

Trans in the military means letting men wear women’s uniforms and vice versa.

Our children are not going to understand the TV show M.A.S.H. anymore. They are going to want to know why Clinger thought dressing as a women might allow him to return home.

According to the Washington Times headline, “Estimated 15,500 troops could serve openly as transgenders under Speier’s House bill.”

Notice the word “openly.” People who claim to be transgenders are probably already in the military. They dress according to their sex just like everyone else. So there is no case to be made that they aren’t admitted into the military. They are, indeed, treated equally—just like everyone else. But they want to cross-dress. In fact, since California was recently ordered to pay for “sex change” surgery for a prisoner, they are probably hoping to get the military to cover the operations that are required.

Rep. Jackie Speier, California Democrat, is writing a bill that would lift the ban on transgender troops serving and has asked other lawmakers to sign on as co-sponsors of the bill in a “Dear Colleague” letter.

“The current ban has hurt our troops and damaged our national defense for too long. Many in uniform endure tremendous challenges and setbacks — emotional, financial, and professional — because they are forced to serve in silence,” Ms. Speier wrote in the letter dated June 4. “We have the opportunity to follow through on our promise to support our troops, no matter their gender identity. Now is the time to allow our transgender troops to serve openly and honestly.”

An estimated 134,000 transgender troops have served in the military, including about 15,500 who are currently serving, according to the letter. Although the 2011 repeal of the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy allowed gays to serve without worrying that they could be kicked out for disclosing their sexual orientation, transgender troops still can be discharged for revealing their gender identity.

“They fight our wars, they serve honorably, but they do so at a price. They are forced to lie and hide their gender identity because of outdated policies prohibiting their open service,” Ms. Speier said.

Why shouldn’t they “pay the price” of dressing according to their sex? That is exactly what makes it possible for them to be of service in their units.

Think about what Speier is claiming. This would mean that women can be used in combat roles since “trans men” would have to be given all the same duties as real men.

These people are really pushing insanity into our faces.