The New Evolution of the “Welfare Queen,” Transgender Medicare

Obviously, if shock jocks can be fired for mocking “transgender” mutilation benefits for city employees, then it wasn’t going to be long before Medicare would be condemned for not offering expensive surgical mutilations for men and women who “feel like” the opposite sex. So this should be no surprise to anyone. According to the New York Times:

Medicare may no longer exclude sex-reassignment surgery from coverage, a government appeals board ruled Friday. It said the current exclusion was “no longer reasonable” because the surgery is safe and effective and can no longer be considered experimental.

Only in the transperv world of Pansex Utopia can genital mutilation be considered “safe.” We go around the world speaking out against and pressuring governments to outlaw female circumcision and then turn around and fund much more bizarre mutilations in the U.S.

Speaking of funding, it isn’t hard to see why there is a constant drumbeat in favor of this insanity. It pays.

The decision, handed down Friday by a Department of Health and Human Services appeals board, reverses a Medicare policy in place since 1981. It comes as a small but growing number of university health plans and large companies — including some Fortune 500 companies like Shell Oil and Campbell Soup — have started covering gender transition services, and could signal further changes since many health plans follow Medicare’s lead on coverage.

Mainstream medical groups have for years urged insurers to cover services for individuals diagnosed with the disorder called gender dysphoria, but most health plans specifically exclude such care. The Medicare decision, which applies to beneficiaries of the health plan for older Americans and people with disabilities, covers only surgery, not other treatments like hormones.

So sexual perversity is financially sponsored by an avaricious surgical industry that wants to get more paying patients. So naturally, they want help for their bottom line from the taxpayers. Obviously, they are only covering surgery at the moment in order to present this as a “moderate” decision. But the estrogen treatments will be covered eventually. Just a matter of time.

I don’t know why I should argue that transgender ideology is pure self-loathing madness. People who will go this far (or this far) are plainly beyond the reach of reason. But just to point out the obvious, it is incoherent for a man to claim to be a woman or even to “feel like” a woman (or vice versa). In order to know what it “feels like” to be a man or woman one must actually be a man or woman. It is an insult to women to say that any man can claim to know what that feels like and that he has correctly identified such feeling within himself. The same applies for women claiming to “feel like” a man. By definition they cannot possibly know what they are talking about.

We should be helping people love themselves as they are, as God made them; not encouraging them to loathe their bodies or paying for their mutilation.

The Huffington Post headline is bold with the lie, calling the operations, “gender confirmation surgeries.” But they are really sex denial surgeries—or sex hatred surgeries.