New Government Religious Advisor Glad Civil Religion Is Dying

What better way to justify liberal ideology than to place people in a leadership position over a certain aspect of society or government who does not believe in the traditional tenets of that aspect.  For example, if the Pentagon wants to do away with traditional moral values, then what better way than to promote those that share the liberal ideologies to the top rankings so they can make those decisions.

Secretary of State John Kerry is doing just that in his formation of the new Office of Faith-Based Community Initiatives.  You would think from the title that whoever heads this new government office will be a person of strong religious values, but don’t kid yourself.  Kerry has selected Shaun Casey to this post.

Casey is a graduate of Harvard Divinity School which should say something right there.  Harvard’s Divinity School is as conservative as Bill Clinton is celebate.  He is the professor of Christian Ethics at Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington DC, another bastion of religious liberalism.  Among the courses he teaches at Wesley are:

  • Christian Ethics: A Topical Approach
  • Christianity and Politics
  • Church of Baseball
  • Ethical Dimension of Ministry
  • Ethics, War and Film
  • NCSS Interaction/Reflection Seminar
  • PMM: Practice in Ministry and Mission Colloquy
  • Public Theology for Congregations
  • Readings in Religion and Presidential Politics
  • Readings: Charles Taylor
  • Readings: Reinhold Niebuhr
  • Readings: Stanley Hauerwas
  • Readngs: Ending Global Poverty
  • Religion & the American Presidency

Just to explain, according to his faculty bio, the class on Church of Baseball deals with the problem of theodicy (the branch of theology concerned with defending the attributes of God against objections resulting from physical and moral evil) as it relates to the Boston Red Sox.

Perhaps his greatest claim to fame was when he served as a religion advisor to Sen. Barack Obama in his 2008 presidential campaign.  Perhaps his greatest claim to shame was when he told a panel in January 2012 that:

“I, frankly, am glad American civil religion is dying.”

Casey was participating on a panel discussion at the Center for American Progress last year.  The focus of the panel was God and Politics in the last presidential election.  When I think of that, I have to point out that anyone who serves as a religion advisor to someone who professes publicly to be a Christian but acts like a Muslim, can’t be all that theologically sound.

Note that everyone on the panel, including Casey agreed that it is good that we’ve left the religion of the 1950s behind and that secularism was a better way of life.  The religion of the 1950s was still openly based upon biblical and Christian teachers, value and morals.  America was one nation under God at the time and the national religion was Christianity as established by our Founding Fathers.  The Bible was part of the American education system, prayer was common in schools and public affairs and parents were allowed to spank their children as the Bible instructs.

But Casey is glad all of that is gone.  He prefers the liberal hedonistic and perverted lifestyle of America today.  And this is the man who will be heading up the newly formed Office of Faith-Based Community Initiatives.  I propose that a better title would be the Office of Godless-Based Socialist Initiatives and then someone like Shaun Casey would be well equipped to head it.