New Gun Restrictions for a New Year

It wouldn’t be a new year without a new set of laws aimed at making liberals feel less angsty about those scary guns the rest of America has.

As per usual, every single one of the new gun laws was passed under the flag of “never again,” based on some media-hyped shooting, and as per usual, not a single one of the new laws would have stopped the incident that was its rallying cry.

The big gun grab will be in California, where police will now be allowed to confiscate anybody’s guns for 21 days without warning if a judge can be persuaded that the gun owner is a threat.

Don’t be fooled by the hype that this is an innocuous law to give people a “time out” in domestic violence cases or that such gun confiscations are only temporary. The law requires a hearing within 21 days after the issuing of an emergency “gun violence restraining order,” but that hearing is the only chance an aggrieved gun owner gets under the law to persuade a judge that he is not a danger before the judge can slap him with a one-year restraining order that can be renewed annually.

The law also has a provision that if a gun owner so much as is seen in possession of a firearm (such as at a shooting range) while under a GVRO, the order can be extended for five years.

Unlike previous laws in which the process for taking away someone’s guns was long and drawn out, the new law allows any officer or family member to simply swear the gun owner may pose a threat to himself or others and get the order. The gun owner need not be present or receive any warning, and the law puts the burden of proof on the gun owner to show that he’s not dangerous, rather than on the state to prove that he is.

In Seattle, the scaredy-cats are using the old “sin tax” approach to raise revenues — er, um, stop gun violence — by imposing a $25 charge per firearm sold and 5 cents per round of ammunition.

The city estimates it will raise up to half a million dollars in revenue annually — uh, that is, stop criminals from using guns.

President Obama, of course, will be getting in on the act. No surprises here: He plans to use his mighty pen to illegally go around Congress and pass his own gun law requiring background checks and who knows what else for private sales, in order to close the nonexistent “gun show loophole” we keep hearing about.

The White House has let it be known that the president will be trampling once again on the Constitution shortly after he returns from his latest taxpayer-funded golf excursion in Hawaii.

The one spot of sanity this year is Texas, which is actually expanding gun rights with an open-carry law. Those with a concealed carry permit will be allowed to openly carry a holstered weapon. There are still some banned areas, such as hospitals, and businesses have the option as private property owners to allow or preventĀ open carry on the premises.

Those are the highlights of what gun owners can expect in the new year. Keep your eyes sharp and your powder dry.