New KY Law Allows Prisoners to Earn $100 Per Day Towards Their Bail

As a tax payer, I was outraged last weekend to learn that a new law in Kentucky allows certain prisoners to earn $100 per day while they are in jail that can then be used towards their bail.  Not only did it upset me to know that my tax dollars were be used in this way, but I was also outraged to learn how the law was being applied.

Back in 2012, 23 year old Justin Harvill worked for the Head Start program in Boone County, Kentucky.  Harvill worked in the early childhood education program, until he was charged with sexual abuse and sodomy involving four boys in the program. The sexual abuse started back in 2007 and 2008, but charges were finally made in November 2012.

Harvill was arrested and jailed in the Campbell County jail.  His bail was set at $10,000, but Harvill was unable to raise the necessary funds and remained behind bars.  This past Friday, a judge released Harvill when he approved Harvill to qualify under the new Kentucky law.  Harvill had been in jail for 100 days, earning $100 per day for a total of $10,000 which the judge applied to his bail.

What was also upsetting about Harvill’s release is that none of the victims or their families were notified about the release until it appeared on the evening news.  When they heard about his release, the kids and their families were terrified to know that he was now walking around loose and that he could find them at any time.

As you could see from the video, prosecutors had asked for Harvill’s bond to raised higher than $10,000, but the courts disagreed.  And since he hasn’t been convicted of a sex crime as yet, he does not have to register or be monitored as a sex offender.  He is free to walk and stalk the streets of northern Kentucky until his case goes to court.  Yes he was ordered to stay away from all kids, especially his victims, but without any type of electronic monitoring, there is nothing to stop him from doing so.

He was also ordered to take regular drug tests, but again, that depends on whether or not he decides to show up for them.  In fact, there is nothing stopping Harvill from hitting the road to prey on other young boys in other parts of the country.  And if he does, we have the new Kentucky law, undoubtedly passed by our Democratic state legislature, for putting him back on the streets.

How many of you make $3,000 a month for doing nothing?  I’d much rather see my tax dollars go towards improving the miles of horrible roads rather than paying accused felons a $100 per day to use towards their bail.  Better yet, I’d rather see my tax dollars go towards the removal of all of the liberal Democrats in state government, including our governor who literally worships Barack Obama.