How The New Mexico Badged Psychos Justified Anal Rape Torture

The Reason blog pointed to this post where Popehat gets into the specifics of the warrant that was used by the criminal gang of taxfeeders (i.e. cops) who subjected an American citizen to hours of x-rays, anal probes, and enemas for allegedly rolling a stop sign.

(Remember 1) the police are admitting no wrongdoing because their “procedures” call for anal torture and they were just following procedure; 2) the Nazi “Medical Facility” is billing the victim for the procedures and threatening him with litigation if he does not provide them with financial recompense for raping him).

Here is how the police went from an alleged rolling stop infraction to a warrant for anal search:

5. While speaking with Mr. Eckert I did notice that he was avoiding eye contact with me as I asked him for his driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance.

6. As Mr. Eckert handed me the documents that were requested I did notice his left hand began to shake at which time I had Mr. Eckert step out of the vehicle. Once outside of the vehicle Mr. Eckert was asked if he had any weapons or anything else that might harm me which he stated “no”.

7. I then conducted a Terry Pat Down on Mr. Eckert’s person to search for any weapons which none were found.

8. While Mr. Eckert was standing outside of the vehicle I did notice his posture to be erect and he kept his legs together. A short time later I informed Mr. Eckert that a uniformed patrol Officer was coming to issue him a citation for the stop sign violation.

9. Officer Villegas did arrive and issued Mr. Eckert his citation for stop sign violation.

10. Mr. Eckert was then informed that he was free to go.

11. As Mr. Eckert turned to walk back towards his vehicle, I asked him for verbal consent to search his vehicle for any illegal narcotics and/or weapons at that time he did give consent.

12. I then asked Mr. Eckert if I could search his person for any illegal narcotics and/or weapons. At that time he stated that he had a problem with me searching his person.

13. I then informed Mr. Eckert that an open air search was going to be conducted on the vehicle and reminded him that he had given verbal consent to search his vehicle as well.

14. Hidalgo CountyK-9 Officer walked his K-9 around the vehicle which the K-9 alerted to the driver’s side of the vehicle. A short time later the K-9 made entry into the cab of the vehicle and once again alerted to the driver’s side seat.

15. Mr. Eckert was then informed of the K -9 alerting to the seat and was informed that a search warrant was going to be obtained. Hidalgo County K-9 Officer did inform me that he had dealt with Mr. Eckert on a previous case and stated that Mr. Eckert was known to insert drugs into his anal cavity and had been caught in Hidalgo County with drugs in his anal cavity.

16. Mr. Eckert was then placed into investigated detention and was transported to the Deming Police Department.

17. Mr. Eckert’s vehicle was tagged for evidence and was later transferred to the Deming Police Department’s impound lot awaiting a search warrant.

18. At approximately 140 I hrs~ I contacted DDA Dougherty and informed of the incident. DDA Dougherty did approve pursuit of a search warrant for Mr. Eckert’s vehicle and also for Mr. Eckert’s person to include Mr. Eckert’s anal cavity.

Among other salient observations, Popehat notes that the warrant doesn’t name the officer who allegedly knew that Eckert had a past history of hiding drugs in his anus.

I’m not going to take the time to argue this here, but drug dogs should stop being used. They are easily manipulated by the controlling officer. Basically, if they want to search you, the dog will give them a free pass to do so.

The affiant, Officer Chavez, does not identify the officer, explain the basis for the officer’s knowledge, or offer any details about the alleged instances in which drugs were found in Mr. Eckert’s anus. Anonymous tips must be corroborated to support probable cause, and this effectively anonymous tip isn’t.

Mr. Eckert asserts that drugs were never found in his anus by any law enforcement agency. If true, that suggests someone lied – the K-9 officer who allegedly told Officer Chavez that, or Officer Chavez. A warrant premised on material false information is invalid. In deciding whether false information was provided to the court to secure the warrant, consider this: the Hidalgo County K-9 officer’s report on the incident here doesn’t mention any such knowledge about Eckert and doesn’t say he conveyed any such information to Officer Chavez. Do you think that would have made it into his report if he had?

Popehat gives a lot more legal analysis of how the warrant is “terrifying” and how it demonstrates a judge is willing to issue them on the basis of “fluff.”

I’m not terrified. I’m just angry.

Every one of these cops and the judge belongs in prison. The medical personnel who helped the police should never be permitted to practice medicine again.