New Mexico Man David Eckert Subjected to Anal Cavity Search for Suspicious Posture

KOB4 reports: When David Eckert was leaving a Deming, New Mexico Wal-Mart parking lot, he rolled through a stop sign and unleashed a humiliating chain of events that almost stupefies belief. Deming police quickly pulled him over, and because a stop sign roll-through is obviously one of the typical earmarks of a danger to society, they asked Eckert to step out of his car. This is where things got crazy. (That is, if you don’t already think it crazy that the police are stopping people for harmless “traffic violations” and regularly forcing them out of their cars for no reason.)

Apparently, when Eckert got out of the car, he was clenching his buttocks. At least, that’s what the crack team of police officers thought. No detail escapes their watchful eyes, right? They thought this small detail suspicious enough that they detained Eckert while they called in for a warrant to do an anal cavity search. They were just sure that Eckert was hiding narcotics in his colon. An idiot Deming judge agreed.

So, warrant in hand, they took Eckert to a local Deming hospital, but doctors there refused to do the cavity search, saying it was “unethical.” But have no fear. A hospital in a neighboring county (where, incidentally, the search warrant was not valid) didn’t have the same qualms about unethical behavior. They weren’t going to let a little thing like ethics get in the way of the war on drugs.

Against Eckert’s constant refusals to authorize any medical procedures, they x-rayed his abdomen, performed two anal searches with their fingers, gave him three enemas—all of which had the intended effect of him defecating in front of doctors and officers, and searched through his (escalatingly scant) stools.

Then, when all of those methods turned up absolutely nothing, the doctors prepared Eckert for surgery and performed a colonoscopy, where they searched the extent of his bowels with a miniature camera. And guess what? Eckert didn’t have any narcotics in him or on him. So police finally let him go well into the wee hours of the next morning after thoroughly humiliating him and violating his anal integrity in pretty much every conceivable medical way. And, by the way, even if the search warrant had been valid in the neighboring county (which it wasn’t), it expired at 10 pm. Medical records indicate they were preparing for the colonoscopy at 1 am. This is no good. To say the least.

I can report thankfully that Eckert is suing the police department and the hospital. And I hope he bankrupts them both. This is just yet another example of police power gone wild. If it weren’t so well-documented or so common, I would hardly believe it happened.