New Mexico Opens Up Federal Land Against Will of Federal Forest Service

Looks like the Bundy-effect is spreading faster than MERS.

Let freedom ring… let the Feds sulk!

From the Washington Times: “State officials slap feds: New Mexico board orders Forest Service fence opened.”

A New Mexico county board on Monday instructed the local sheriff to open the Forest Service gates blocking thirsty cattle from reaching water, setting up a clash with federal agents over state water rights and endangered species.

The Otero County Commission voted 2-0, with one commissioner absent, to “immediately take steps to remove or open gates that are unlawfully denying citizens access to their private property rights.”

Commissioner Ronny Rardin said Monday he was uncomfortable with taking action “against people that are my friends,” apparently referring to local Forest Service rangers, but that he had an obligation as an elected commissioner to uphold the Constitution.

“That Constitution is in breach right now and it is our duty, it’s our civil duty — if we want to keep our nation free and keep our country as it was intended to be by our forefathers — to stand up and take this type of action,” said Mr. Rardin.

The tension comes as ranchers and others throughout the West cry foul over what they describe as the federal government’s tightening control of public lands. About 52 percent of Western land is owned by the federal government.

The Otero County situation has even drawn comparisons to the standoff last month at the Nevada ranch owned by Cliven Bundy. Unlike Mr. Bundy, who had refused for 21 years to pay his grazing fees to the federal government, the New Mexico ranchers have not broken any laws.

The New Mexico ranchers became alarmed this year when Forest Service officials refused to open gates allowing cattle to reach a creek in the Lincoln National Forest. Local rangers have said that they are trying to protect the riparian area, which is considered habitat for the New Mexico meadow jumping mouse.

Be ready for the backlash of the tyrants… it’s coming. A full assault is always possible, but more likely they’ll use an agent provocateur placed amidst “militia men” in one of these standoffs to give them justification.

(Hey, DC apparently hired snipers to kill people on both sides and stoke the Ukrainian conflict, so why would they have any hesitation to use similar tactics here? Know your enemy, and beware of underestimating him.)