New Official Cure for Depression: Suicide

Belgium has granted euthanasia for a twenty-four-year-old woman who suffers from depression.

If the police find a man about to jump off a bridge from a height that will probably end his life, what should they do? Should they try to talk him out of it? Should they tell him to do whatever he wants because it is no one’s business but his own if he wants to end his life? Or should they encourage him to jump?

Making suicide illegal does not stop able-bodied persons from actually ending their lives if they truly wish to die. Everyone has the means close at hand to commit suicide.

The point of making suicide illegal is to ensure that no one encourages other people to hurt themselves. An attempt at suicide is considered a cry for help and a warrant to intervene to rescue a person from death.

So when a healthy twenty-four-year-old woman “applies for permission” to commit suicide, what is she thinking? If she wanted to die, she could just kill herself. And people with any compassion or feeling should tell her that her life has barely begun.

Not in Belgium!

According to the Independent,

Doctors in Belgium have granted a medically depressed woman the right to end her own life.

The 24-year-old woman, named only as ‘Laura’, told doctors she had suffered from depression since she was a child and wished to end her life, local newspaper De Morgen reported.

Laura, who entered a psychiatric facility when she was 21, told the publication: “life, that’s not for me.”

I suppose she could be prevented from killing herself because of the facility. But if she has the right to end her life, surely she has the right to leave?

But she applied for the permission from doctors as if they had the power to make it right or wrong to kill herself. Now that permission to die has been granted, she is acting as if she expects those around her to play along with her choice. She is “currently planning her funeral as well as her final words to her mother and grandmother.”

This is not the first time that someone has been granted death for “depression,” though they seem to be breaking new ground in letting someone so young die. Belgium is also a place where children can be killed and also a prisoner can be granted death if he can’t stand the prospect of his prison sentence.