New Police Advice To Schools: Confront Active Shooters…Unarmed

Law enforcement agencies are changing their tune about how to deal with an active shooter situation at a school or other public building. They used to emphasize running and/or hiding from the shooter. In more recent training videos and seminars, they’ve added the confrontation element, but only as a last resort.

In an instruction manual written by the U.S. Capitol Police, they advocate taking out the shooter with “whatever means you can”:

 “You must be committed to the actions you will take, and your attack must be explosive and violent. You must do whatever it takes to survive and not worry about the consequences. You want to disable the offender with whatever means you can. This could involve throwing items or using objects to strike, stab or slash the subject.”

 With language like “explosive and violent,” “not worry about the consequences” and “whatever means you can,” you’d think that a gun would be the perfect tool. But let’s not jump to conclusions now. USA Today reported that “police officials said they were not advocating arming teachers, students, office workers or others to prepare for such attacks.”

DHS recently made a parody of itself by advising office workers to use a pair of scissors to confront a mass shooter, but again, only as a last resort, because scissors are very deadly, and you wouldn’t want any unnecessary carnage.

Law enforcement agents across the country are actually calling this change in advice “extreme.” Well, it sure is “extremely” stupid. Advising people to confront a mass murderer with a pair of scissors or a metal folding chair is ridiculous. You might as well confront the shooter with a piece of paper in hopes of “slashing” him with a paper cut and then pouring lemon juice on it (but only as a last resort). At least that would give you a chance of survival.

The Medina, Ohio Police Chief and former BATFE agent Patrick Berarducci said that advising citizens to confront active shooters is extreme, but “necessary” to save more people.

I think there is a much better alternative that would actually reduce the risk of even having mass shooters in the first place. How about encouraging everyone to carry concealed? This nonsense about using tables, chairs, fire extinguishers and letter openers is a complete joke. A handgun is a small, compact, discreet, easy-to-use, powerful and deadly tool that will do the job better than any Swingline stapler or hanging file folder.

The police think this radical law enforcement paradigm shift is extreme because it involves citizens trying to defend themselves rather than depending on the police. We all know that the police cannot be everywhere at once, and they cannot prevent these shootings from happening. Nor should we expect them to. Their job is to clean up the mess afterwards and investigate the crime. As a friend of mine wrote recently, give a cop a break and buy a gun.