New Study Shows Most People Believe Media Over Reality

A new Pew Research Center poll found that a majority of the public fall for news media propaganda. Propaganda specifically relating to gun crime. Surprising, right?

In reality, the gun murder rate has plummeted over the past twenty years, falling to nearly half of what it was during its peak in the mid 90’s. A drop in violent crime in general has been even more dramatic.

But most people still think gun crimes have increased:

 “Despite the remarkable drop in gun crime, only 12% of Americans surveyed said gun crime had declined compared with two decades ago, according to Pew, which surveyed more than 900 adults this spring. Twenty-six percent said it had stayed the same, and 56% thought it had increased.”

A majority of people think that gun crime has increased in the last twenty years even though evidence to the contrary is a matter of public record. What’s going on here?

I think the answer is simple. People are watching too much news television. Or, rather, they’re believing every word of it.

Remember, the media aren’t so concerned with reporting the truth. If they did, they might lose some of their big sponsors. They’ve got to keep people watching to increase their ratings.

And how do they do that? Usually, all it takes is hiring attractive models who have the added skill of being able to read a teleprompter. People (especially males) like watching attractive people (especially females) with makeup read their lines in front of a camera.

Besides hiring info babes to read their lines, they’ve got to sensationalize the news, particularly bad news. They’ve got to scare people, because they know that people love being terrified. They can’t get enough of it. Sandy Hook and Aurora were perfect. The media must have salivated at the prospects of being able to turn those events into moneymaking drama productions.

And the news entertainment media succeeded. In fact, another Pew study found that those two events were “among the news stories most closely watched by Americans last year.” I know that’s not surprising considering how big the events were. But imagine if the media had only reported on the events, stated what happened, who was involved and who all were injured and then moved on. Instead, they obsessed day and night over revealing the “shocking” and twisted details of the murderers’ personal lives, “secrets” exposed by friends and family members. You know, tabloid material. That’s the stuff that people really want to hear, and media networks know that.

The national media won’t report on the good news (unless it’s some cute, rescued puppy story), because people aren’t as interested in that. They won’t report on all the cases where armed citizens were able to protect themselves from criminals because they had concealed guns. Those are just “local stories.” They want the really gory cases of mass murder, and if they’re not gory enough, they’ll add their own details to make the story more interesting.

This is about perception. What news entertainment viewers are left with is the impression that there really isn’t any good news (besides a few rescued puppies). There is only bad news. Murders, rapes, kidnappings, armed robberies, etc. The perception is then that there must be an increase in crime rates. Otherwise, why would the media be fixating on these events more and more?

That’s why so many think the gun crime rate has shot up sharply. In reality, the exact opposite is true. Even mass murders are still rare.

The Pew study went a little further in finding out who these people are that think gun crime has gone up in the past two decades despite evidence to the contrary. Not surprisingly, those people were more likely to be women, people of color and the elderly. And what do they watch? Probably MSNBC or CNN. And they probably voted for Obama.

Those that thought gun crimes had fallen were more likely to be men, white people (those without color?) and the young. Yeah, maybe they watch Fox News, but they also might not watch news entertainment at all. Maybe they get their news from the internet.

Gun grabbers base their decisions on polls (often administered by news networks) of people who base their opinions on their perception of what is “reported” by their favorite news network, and more importantly, of what is not reported. If for nothing else, these pollsters are testing the effectiveness of their own propaganda. And this Pew Research Center poll shows it’s definitely working.