New World Order Recruits a Global Police Force

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced at the United Nations on Wednesday that the Department of Justice would be working with several major metropolitan police forces, starting with New York, to create a globe-girdling police force targeting “violent extremism.”


It’s on like Donkey Kong.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio made it clear that his city has joined 25 other cities worldwide because the global police force will target “intolerance.”

“The Strong Cities network will be a message to all families who have lost loved ones because of extremism that something is being done in a new and powerful way,” de Blasio said.

I’m guessing the “something” might look a bit like this:



It’s not that I don’t trust our government; I just don’t trust the people who are in our government.

Especially not when they say they are going after “homegrown” terrorism and using a global police force to fight “intolerance.”

See, the real problem is that the people in charge of this new statist terror are liberals, the same people who brought us the old statist terrors, from the KKK to the Nazis and Communists.

This particular iteration of liberal fascism is being run by people who, since the start of the Obama Administration, have classified anyone who is conservative, a Bible believer or a veteran as a potential terrorist, while virtually ignoring the very real threats from Islamist groups and drug cartels that are sending their agents across our open borders.

The New York Daily News wrote: “(De Blasio) also stressed that the alliance would not focus on any one type of extremism, and pointedly referenced past violent attacks like the 1994 shootings on greater Boston Planned Parenthood clinics and the racially motivated Charleston, S.C., shooting in June that killed nine African-American churchgoers.”

So right there, de Blasio’s already implying that pro-lifers are a target because of something from 1994, and since the media have spun the Charleston church shootings into a tale of an allegedly conservative-inspired massacre of blacks by Confederate flag owners, the “Global Military Police” will no doubt have a list of conservatives who need to be put behind bars for public safety.

This represents probably the greatest surrender of American rights and authority since, oh, a couple of days ago when the Obama Administration basically got run down by Russia, which is building itself a nice little nest there in the Middle East.

“We will be vigilant against all forms of violent extremism, whether it’s based in religious, or racial, or nationalistic or ideological intolerance,” deBlasio said.

Unless they’re Muslim.