New Year’s Coming, and Liberal Media are Going

A large part of the reason liberals have been able to maintain a chokehold on this country is that they have been able to count on the complicity of what has been laughingly termed “mainstream” media.

Conservatives know from being on the receiving end of years of gut-wrenchingly bad and biased reporting that the not-even-close-to-mainstream media lean way to the left and spend most of their time trying to persuade the country that what used to be normal is now evil.

(What basis the predominantly atheist-driven media could possibly have for determining what’s “evil” never seems to come up.)

This is all part of the hand-in-glove relationship the media have had with the Obama Administration and Democratic Senate for the past five years.

As we approach 2014, however, there may finally be some good news for all the people who have been deemed by this Administration to be a terrorist threat because of their independent, conservative and Tea Party values.

The liberal media is showing signs of, if not dying, at least withering significantly, and across multiple venues.

In the world of newspapers, the giant MediaNews Group is being folded into 21st Century Media. Both businesses are properties of Digital First Media, so it’s not a merger of two companies, but a shrinking of a very large, left-leaning New York-based company that has dominated newspapers on the West Coast and Southwest for more than a decade.

MediaNews Group itself around the turn of the century and in the early Obama years was the result of a massive consolidation of scores of previously independent newspapers (including major ones like the San Jose Mercury) into a single mediocre news combine that gutted the journalism industry and left thousands of people unemployed.

The combining of MediaNews and 21st Century will result in one payroll, which means more layoffs and corner-cutting as the still left-leaning management buries what’s left of its news business. With any luck, the final collapse will come quickly and clear the decks for conservative voices.

In radio, the dying embers of the failed experiment that was once called Air America finally are being put out. New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco airwaves will be blessedly more open as the likes of Ed Schultz, Thom Hartmann, Randi Rhodes, Alan Colmes, Stephanie Miller, Bill Press and David Cruz get their walking papers.

WWRL 1600 AM in New York will dump the liberal nags for Spanish, which the “diverse” left-wing hosts apparently don’t speak. In Los Angeles, KTLK 1150 will begin pumping out a thought-provoking diet of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck. And in San Francisco, KNEW 960 will also be trading the likes of Miller for Limbaugh and other right-wing talkers.

(Across the Bay Area, there must be radio listeners in buttless leather pants whose heads are exploding over their double mocha lattes.)

On the Internet front, AOL’s foolish investment in the Huffington Post has yet to pay off. Although the company has put forth all sorts of reasons why the Huffing-and-Puffington unit is going to become profitable any moment now (including some silly nonsense about buying employees Christmas sweaters), so far Arianna’s empire is spewing red ink. And they still don’t pay their “reporters.”

In the world of television news, Fox continues to dominate. While CNN and MSNBC argue over which of them is the best of the worst, both are in the dumps — so much so that CNN, which made its name once upon a time with its coverage of the Gulf War, has publicly announced plans to shift away from news coverage.

With CNN and MSNBC in 31st and 29th place, respectively, among all cable networks for the year, both of them would probably do better by switching to 24-hour cartoons.

It’s not likely that the globalist-dominated boards of liberal media outlets will abandon their agendas any time soon, but conservatives can relax a bit as the Left slowly but surely continues to drive its own news outlets into the ground.