New Year’s Resolution: No More Blind Faith in the State or Politicians

Yesterday, Rob Knowles wrote an insightful short post, “Why the Apolitical Class Always Falls Victim to the Lies of the Left, and What We Can Do About it.” The “apolitical class” are what I commonly refer to as the “pragmatic” or “n0n-ideological class”–though they are ideological and they are not pragmatic.

Knowles uses an incident involving Bernie Sanders and global warming mythology. Why do the “apoliticals” tend to believe such superstitions?

For years, the left has told the American people that human activity is responsible for changing temperatures, and that the only way to fix it is by voting Democrat. We’ll help save the world together! It’s a sexy idea. By voting Democrat, you’re playing a part in saving the world.

On the other hand, while conservatives do their best to poke holes in the ever-evolving lie that is global warming, the truth isn’t compelling enough for the apoliticals. The lie is candy, and the truth is broccoli.

When you’re uninformed regarding politics, and therefore unaware of the monstrous levels of corruption and duplicity within it, you’re going to reach for the candy instead of the broccoli. That’s simply the nature of things. What we have to do as conservatives is work overtime to show apoliticals that candy is bad for them, and broccoli is healthy. The onus is on us to show with an abundance of clarity and force that what the left is saying is incorrect.

In the case of global warming we are dealing with a made up problem and, even if the problem was real, a solution that won’t stop the problem but will cause people immediate harm.

But let’s expand on Knowles’ thought a bit. The key is this part:

When you’re uninformed regarding politics, and therefore unaware of the monstrous levels of corruption and duplicity within it, you’re going to reach for the candy instead of the broccoli.

In addition to monstrous levels of corruption and duplicity we can add incompetence.

Here’s how the thinking works.

People in society face various problems. The problem could be anything from poverty or terrorism, to perceived mistreatment at the office or a desire for a “sex change” operation. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a powerful organization with limitless resources that could assign expertise and money to solve the problem?

People who think this way naturally come up with an ideology that allows them to flatter themselves as “non-ideological.” They claim to be “pragmatic” because they simply want the government to fix all the problems and make life better. Those of us who see this as religious fanaticism are castigated as ideological.

But it simply isn’t true that the government has unlimited resources. It can delay the obvious economic consequences involved in running up debts or printing money or, perhaps, raising taxes. But not forever.

Nor can it solve any problem efficiently. Even those problems it does seem to address, like building roads or a mission to the moon, can only be counted successes if you ignore the cost. Yes, you can do some amazing things with unaccountable billions to spend. But they aren’t so amazing when you think about what society could have done if they had been permitted to keep those resources.

Bush's Fault

Governments have to resort to ponzi schemes to win the public worship they need. They present the benefits up front to win loyalty and gratitude but deal with the cost in the future (with interest) when it is too late.

As the problems caused by government “solving” real or imagined problems become more acute, you might expect people to call for a halt. But by then reliance on government as the savior has become an inter-generational habit–a custom passed down from parents to children to the children’s children. Even as government becomes increasingly burdensome, people become increasingly incapable of imagining life without the government “taking care” of them.

What’s more, the government itself becomes increasingly corrupt because it takes more liars to repeat its promises. Perhaps in the early days idealists could work in government believing they could improve the world. But as the consequences become more obvious, only wolves are capable of maintaining the charade.


That is why the state is drawn to more and more perverse ideologies. As it becomes useless at protecting and maintaining natural society, it has to increasingly invoke justifications that call for the destruction of that society. Elevating homosexuality and pushing transgender fantasies is the kind of bullying that the government is actually skilled at. So, in addition to reflecting the degenerate values of the new ruling class, it provides a rationale for continuing the otherwise obvious failure of big government.


Since it can’t solve any of society’s real problems, the only option is to pretend society is the problem that needs to be solved.