New York City Revenue Trap Accidently Snares Someone Who Matters

We’ve already mentioned that de Blasio’s stringent safety regulations are not exactly evenly applied. The mayor’s own security detail is known for disregarding the laws that other New Yorkers must submit to or else lose a hefty amount of money.

But the problem with automation is that sometimes the rules get applied equitably on the great and the poor alike. De Blasio has been a strong advocate of traffic cameras, but now he has to face strong opposition in one case.

Via New York City’s CBS news site: “Manhattan Judge Sues Over Traffic Camera Ticket.”

A driver who just so happens to be a judge has filed a lawsuit against the City of New York for a traffic camera ticket he claimed was unjust.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Geoffrey Wright sued Wednesday in the same court. City attorneys said they would review the suit upon receiving it.

Wright said his family got a notice saying a camera caught his car being driven in a Manhattan bus lane last October.

He says it was not.

He later took his own photographs that he says back him up. The photos are based on where certain street features were located in respect to his car.

Wright contested the violation and appealed an administrative law judge’s ruling against him. His suit seeks to get the violation thrown out.

What are we to think of this?

On the one hand, I feel gratified that the system took on someone who has the clout to fight back. It is great to see the powers that be being defied by one of their own.

At the same time, however, it really bothers me that, if this man wasn’t a judge, no one would take his objections seriously. Did this judge care about traffic cameras before he got caught up in this accusation?

If the judge is telling the truth, then this would mean that probably many others have been falsely accused. Who speaks for them?