New York Sheriffs Join Federal Lawsuit Against SAFE Act

New York State’s Rifle and Pistol Association is an affiliate of the National Rifle Association. They’ve filed a federal lawsuit against New York for their overreaching gun-grabbing bill that expands the definition of assault weapon and puts an arbitrary cap on the number of rounds that are allowed to be inside a gun magazine. In fact, one New York man was recently arrested for having 9 rounds in his properly registered firearm instead of 7.

The New York State Sheriffs’ Association as well as 5 individual sheriffs have now joined the NRA affiliate’s lawsuit. They made a statement regarding the SAFE Act:

“The Supreme Court has confirmed that the Second Amendment protects arms typically possessed by law-abiding citizens, and identified that the right of self-defense is ‘core’ protected conduct that is at its zenith in the home. At a minimum, laws that criminalize the most common rifle in America today – a rifle that is often selected precisely for its self-defense capabilities – impinge upon that core right. The same is true of laws banning standard-capacity magazines.”

 Earlier this month, the Sheriffs’ Association met with Governor Andrew Cuomo to go over the gun control bill that Cuomo had signed into law in January. Sheriffs from around the state thought they were meeting to go over possible changes to the bill. Instead, Governor Cuomo used it as a venue to tell sheriffs to keep quiet about their critical opinions of the bill:

 “Cuomo pushed the sheriffs to stop publicly speaking out against the act, [Chemung County Sheriff] Moss said. ‘The governor was of the opinion that the sheriffs around the state should not be interjecting their personal opinions in reference to the law,’ Moss said, adding that Cuomo said sheriffs can’t do that and enforce the law. One person briefed on the meeting said Cuomo threatened to remove sheriffs from office, a little-used power afforded the state’s chief executive under the state constitution.”

 Colorado also made headlines last week when 54 of their sheriffs joined together in a lawsuit against Colorado’s newly enacted gun control laws. Hopefully, judges will rule against the respective states’ laws and give citizens back their natural duties and responsibilities to defend themselves and their families.