New York Times V. Truth, Reason, and Nail Salons

When the New York Times wrote an attack on the nail salon industry, Mark Horne pointed out that the article was so biased as to be worthless.

But I missed the story about’s counterattack and the New York Time’s less-than-adequate response.

If you have time, make sure you watch the video above. The New York Times’ falsehood unleashed self-righteous indignation of Governor Anthony Cuomo and his army of “inspectors” (like customers and workers can’t inspect a business for themselves and decide if it is in their best interests to use it for services or a place of employment). This self-righteous indignation was cover for corporate greed (state governments are just as much corporations as any in the private sector). These nail salons pay their workers quite well, but they pay mostly in cash and they don’t always keep the records the state wants. This has nothing to do with exploiting workers (who prefer cash wages), but it gives the state an excuse to fine nail salons. They are now mining for revenue on the excuse of “protecting” the poor.

So don’t listen to Andrew Cuomo’s rhetoric about welcoming immigrants. Look at how he actually treats immigrants, many of whom are struggling to learn English. He pillages them and boasts that he’s doing it for the very people whose jobs he is killing.

Liberalism is fascism, pure and simple.