New York Values Are OK because Terrorist Attack

The way people, even conservatives, are piling on Ted Cruz for questioning “New York values” is delusional. tells us,

Ted Cruz is eliciting particularly strong reaction this week—especially from people in the Empire State. In a Tuesday radio interview, Cruz railed against Donald Trump, saying the businessman “embodies New York values,” BuzzFeed reports. Cruz followed up on Fox News, telling Megyn Kelly, per the Washington Post: “The rest of the country knows exactly what New York values are. … They’re not Iowa values and they’re not New Hampshire values.” And in Thursday night’s GOP debate, he doubled down and effectively scuttled his “bromance” with Donald Trump, as CNN frames it, saying New Yorkers tend to be “socially liberal or pro-abortion or pro-gay marriage, focus around money and the media.” Them’s fightin’ words:

And then we get a review of a lot of self-righteous indignation against Cruz. It is ridiculous. It is even more ridiculous that many conservatives found Trump’s reply compelling.

Invoking 9-11 was considered some kind of evidence that New York values must not be questioned. That makes no sense at all.

And to those who pretend that they don’t know what New York values are, I thought Ross Douthat’s reply was on point

I remember Trump from the eighties and nineties. His mistress was public knowledge. He very much fit in with New York values.

To name one issue among many, in most places in America that are not New York, politicians don’t think it should be a crime to offer pregnant women alternatives to abortion.

People living comfortable lives in New York and other blue states are sure of their superiority to the rest of the country. But businesses and people are leaving those states and moving south. The entire Northeast is losing representation in Congress because of this migration. The media may talk loudly for New York, but people are voting differently with their feet.