New York’s New Gun Laws Are a Cosmic Joke and the Criminals are Laughing

I listened to Andrew Cuomo speak on the gun laws the state of New York just passed. He sounded like a Pentecostal preacher. The cheers from the crowd reminded me of a revival meeting. For liberals, more laws are their salvation. They believe that more laws make us safer and more secure. Law books are their Bible. The building that houses the legislature is their church.

What is often lost on liberals is that the intent of the heart and the machinations of the mind are where evil is hatched. It wasn’t a gun that brought down the twin towers and killed more than 3000 people in New York City. It was a few men with box cutters who took over two jet airplanes and flew them into the Twin Towers. Everything these men did was illegal.

Bad people don’t care about laws. They laugh at laws because they know it makes their work easier.

Every person involved in these mass shootings was breaking numerous laws. Breaking one or two more won’t matter to someone hell-bent on death and destruction. In many of these cases, the perpetrators end up killing themselves. The legal sanctions are never applied. You can’t prosecute a corpse.

The legislators who voted to restrict guns in additional ways cheered at their good fortune. The problem is, not one of these new laws will restrict a person who wants to kill one, two, ten, or 20 people.The majority of Americans knows this. Consider these headlines:

Vegas: 60,000 Expected To Attend Gun Show...
Idaho: 'People can hardly walk they've got so much stuff'...
S Dakota: 'Unprecedented demand'...
Kentucky: 'Store shelves bare'...
Virginia: Lines Stretched for Hundreds of Yards...

There are millions of guns in America. If some nut case or your run-of-the-mill criminal wants to get a gun, he’ll be able to do it. Drugs, prostitution, and black market cigarettes (to avoid New York’s high cigarette taxes) are easy to come by if you know the right people. Don’t you think the same is going to be true for guns?

The new law will limit magazine sizes so that they can only carry seven bullets. So a future murderer buys a gun and two magazines that each holds seven bullets. He takes the extra magazine, turns it upside down and tapes it to the other magazine. When he finishes shooting the bullets in the one clip, he pulls it out of the gun, flips it over, and inserts the other magazine.

With a handgun tucked neatly in his belt and another holstered and two seven-capacity magazine clips, a person could be within the parameters of the law – except when he decides to kill someone. I don’t know of a law that will stop someone intent on murder.

Better yet, he buys a gun on the black market. He’ll pay a little more for it, but what does he care; he’s going to blow his own brains out when he’s finished. Money won’t do him any good where he’s going.

Some people might ask what a person needs with seven bullets? I heard a woman debating the gun control topic on Sean Hannity last night. She said a hunter who needs seven bullets to kill a dear shouldn’t be out hunting. The Second Amendment is not about hunting; it’s about warding off the potential of tyranny and being able to engage in self defense against people who want to do harm. Who knows how many of the people who used a firearm to protect themselves would have been a murder statistic if they did not have a loaded gun at the ready.

A Georgia woman was confronted by an assailant and pumped five bullets into him. He did not die. In fact, he was able to leave the house and get in his car. He eventually passed out. He’s still alive as of this writing.

What if there had been two or more assailants? The woman and her two nine-year-old children would most likely be dead. When the pro-gun control advocate was asked what she would have done? She said she would have called 911. According to officials in New York City, it takes on average of 8.4 minutes for the police to respond to crimes in progress. That’s the average.

Good luck with that!