Newborn Shoved Down Toilet Makes International News; Planned Parenthood Still Federally Funded

The story of the baby wedged in the toilet comes to us from the mainstream news outlet, CNN: “Newborn baby pulled alive from toilet in Beijing.”

Police are searching for the mother of a newborn baby girl found wedged face-down in a Beijing toilet on Sunday.

Residents heard cries from a public toilet block and notified police, according to the Beijing Times.

“Her head was upside down and her body was falling into the drain. We could only vaguely see her feet from the side,” Qian Feng, the local police chief told the paper.

Qian said initially police decided to dismantle the toilet as the drain structure was unclear, but that would take too long.

“She just kept crying. I looked again, and thought we should try to pull her out even if the possibility might be slim.”

In a police video taken during the rescue, Qian is seen kneeling by the toilet, reaching his right hand into the drain.

“There is a right-angled pipe inside the drain, and the baby was almost trapped in the horizontal pipe,” Qian told the Beijing Times.

After being pulled safely out of the pipe, residents helped police wrap the baby up before she was sent to a nearby hospital.

What a heart-wrenching story! What a horrible crime! What a moving rescue! Can you imagine living in a world where governments subsidized organizations that not only flushed babies down toilets, but also crushed them with forceps, extracted intact organs, and then sold them to companies for science experiments?

You don’t need to imagine anything. That’s the world we live in. It is reality.

The media reports on this flushed baby as if they are genuinely moved. You can watch the video on the CNN page and hear the concern in the reporter’s voice.

But when we find a woman sipping wine and discussing putting a “fetus” in the “breach position” so she can better extract “intact specimens” like lungs and livers, everyone acts like there is something wrong with the people who found the story.

Why do the ghouls who approve of killing and ravaging children make a big show of their compassion over throw-away babies? In order to affirm their own righteousness. They have to believe in themselves.