Next Generation Of Leaders Being Prepared In College By Playing Condom Olympics

Tuition costs are going up much faster than inflation. We are told over and over again that a college diploma is the only path to prosperity. Yet we all know that college campuses are some of the greatest concentrations of stupidity in the nation. For example:

Students at the University of Arizona (UA) were assigned to plan a school-wide “Condom Olympics” for their three-credit “Sex, Health, and AIDS” class.

The students planned “athletic events such as a condom-wrapped egg toss,” according to The Daily Wildcat, the official student newspaper.

“Students can also see and make condom art and join a condom scavenger hunt,” the article continues.

Professor William Simmons told the newspaper that he does not like term papers or exams and prefers an “action learning assignment.”

“Hopefully this will get students comfortable knowing what condoms are,” he said.

“Sex, Health, and AIDS” is a three-credit undergraduate course which “sets out to explore this social and disease phenomenon from a number of perspectives,” according to the description on the official course listing website.

The events were part of the school’s SexTalk Week Resource Fair, which the school hosted on Wednesday, according to a Facebook event.

The Facebook page also promises a visit from “Mr. Condom”—a character who is, what else!, dressed as a giant condom.

Of course, none of this is educational. It is transparent garbage to pretend that a “Condom Olympics” event teaches students anything or substitutes for exams or research papers.

But that doesn’t mean the professor is merely goofing off—giving silly assignments in order to grant students an easy A. On the contrary he has a definite agenda. In the quotation above he alluded to it by saying he wanted students to become “comfortable” with condoms. He elaborated on his plan in the Daily Wildcat:

Simmons said he hopes the olympics will break down some of the stigma students might still feel when using, buying or getting free condoms.

“Hopefully this will get students comfortable knowing what condoms are,” Simmons said, “and if they ever need them that they won’t be prevented by stigma or awkwardness.”

I have to admit I’m impressed. The professor is recruiting liberals. He is trying to break down any further moral inhibitions they might have.

So perhaps this does show us why the Obama Administration is so dedicated to getting more and more late-teens to go to college.